THE POWER OF ZION   God's words to Abraham, "In thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed." (Acts 3:25.) are promise of restitution, which will fulfill Jesus Christ in "the times of restoration of all things" under the New Covenant (Jer. 31:31; Heb. 8:8-13). The mankind is to be blessed by the seed of Abraham, therefore that seed had to be first chosen. Glorious Christ, Head and Body is this seed (Gal. 4:28; Rom. 8:17). It was not the New Covenant under which the Church have been chosen, but the Covenant of Sacrifice: "Gather my saints together unto me, Those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice." (Psa. 50:5). This covenant was showed in Sarah, the wife of Abraham. Sarah, according to the teaching of Paul Apostle represents the upper Jerusalem, symbolic city, or the future government of God's Kingdom. The son of the promise Isaac represents Christ, Head and Body in his glorious reign in the time of the Millennium (Gal. 4:26-18). On the Zion, upper Jerusalem, one of the hills overlooking the town there was the royal palace. On the other hill, Moriah was built the temple. Some difference of altitude between level of literal ...more

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