INTRODUCTION   The whole history of the Old Testament, especially the history of Israel contains many events, feasts, ceremonies and special persons, which, under the supervision of Providence, have formed readable illustrations, figures, types and so-called shadows possessing their reference to the larger reality of the Gospel age and the Millennium age. For example, the Apostle Paul stated that our ancestor Adam is the type of the second Adam that is our Lord. (Rom. 5:14.) Adam and his wife Eve gave us the life (though they also it wasted), whereas his anti-type, the second Adam and the second Eve (the exalted Church), they will restore the whole human race back to the life. The Apostle explains also the Divine way of showing the future by the "special technique" of casting the shadow, calling the feasts and the sacrifices of the Law the shadows or types, not the reality (Heb. 10:1; Col. 2:17). The streams of supernatural light, being somewhere in the distance, shedding on the reality of the Gospel age and the Millennium age, they formed their shadows, vague contours in the past ages. The circumstances of the liberation of the Israeli nation from Egypt also painted splendid pictorial scenery consisting of individual figures, ...more

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