How the prophecies of the 1974 year have been fulfilled? – today's comment From the very beginning the Bible Students movement at the USA (1874-1916) had the prophetic character. It always rigorously abided by the principle to teach only things about which Bible says. The comments relating to types, the figures of Mosaic Law, prophecies and lessons of the Old and New Testament had the exact reference to the concrete verses of the Scripture. The teachings about "the times of restoration of all things" (Acts 3:21), owing to such faithfulness to the Word of God, they achieved huge credibility and circulation in the whole world. The emission of millions of the copies of the volumes of Studies in the Scripture is the sufficient evidence of this. It was understood that the typical feature of the Mosaic Law, known as the Jubilee, was intended to foreshadow the great Restitution that is the recovery of mankind from the fall. Chronologically it began in 1874, and it will be executing throughout the Millennial age. Israel's Jubilee Year, in its character, it was an illustration of the coming Restitution. The joyful time of The jubilee announced the loud sound of the trumpet. This blowing the ...more

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