The Mission of the Seventh Angel   (9) And there came one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls, who were laden with the seven last plagues; The seven angels … The angels of this vision can not represent of spiritual beings or inanimate factors of God's anger like the gales, quakes of earth and other natural disasters, bearing in mind the fact that one of those angels explains to John the judgment on the great harlot mounted on a scarlet beast (Rev. 17), whereas the second angel, shown in here, maybe the same, is showing to him a glory of the Lamb's wife. The seven angels with the seven bowls represent the entire message of Present Truth being unfolded in two stages during the second presence of Christ. Seven signifies completeness. Those angels' mission was articulated in seven volumes of Studies in the Scriptures. During first stage of the prophetic movement, in the USA, with Taze Charles Russell in the lead (1874-1914), completeness of seven was not reached. The first six volumes was issued then. The key to understanding of the Revelation was not given by the Lord yet. The opening by the Lamb of seventh seal (1967) initiated the ...more

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