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SUICIDAL ATTACK OF SAMSON   Nine months ago an era of peace during which the countries of Europe thought they were safe came to an end. Numerous units of the Russian army invaded Ukraine to secure the influence zone of that empire – to prevent this neighboring country from joining the European Union and NATO, lest the forces of a hostile alliance get too close to her borders. From that time a fierce war is going on, cities of Ukraine are turning into piles of ruins, civilians are dying in result of a hail of rockets, millions of people are fleeing from that invaded country to adjacent regions, and these who remain are forced to escape, over and again, to underground shelters and subway stations. The Ukrainian army is still doing well, being supported by the international community, which provides to it everything which it needs to continue this horrible war. Great determination and successes of these heroic defenders are weakening the morale of the assailants but also they are driving fury Russian leaders, who still throws new forces, a truly “cannon fodder,” into the fight. In this situation Ukraine is still being hit with the more and more perfect missiles, whereas ...more

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