The blowing the trumpet seven angels   (8:6) And the seven angels that had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound.         Blowing the trumpet seven angels represents the development of the revolutionary movement – the bolshevism. (Rev. 8:2.) Four first of blowing the trumpet portray organization, planning, manifestation and the growth of the revolutionary movement. It was the preparation of the revolutionary masses with the propaganda of four Congresses of the RSDLP to attack on the bastions of Christianity as soon as the Times of the Pagans are expired (1914). Three remaining of blowing the trumpet – woes, they relate to the three phases of the fall of Christianity in war, revolution and anarchy as a result of the farther advancing of the revolutionary movement. (Rev. 8:12, 13) Before the outbreak of the First World War (the first "woe") the five congresses of the RSDLP took place (RSDLP is short for: Social Democratic Party Workers of Russia). The resolutions of the consecutive Congresses were reaching masses ears as the mission of the freedom, as the sounds of battle horns calling the people out to the final battle against the oppression of tyrants. The vision of the Revelation in such the way just portrays these events. The ...more

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