The vision of the two beasts   The general light shining from the Christ second presence (gr. parousia) has been exposing every evil and leads kingdom of the prince of this world, Satan, to the fall. This light is lethal for systems of darkness which by ages were his support (2 Thess. 2:8). This light kindles the spirit of the freedom, causes the discontent and it makes, that the nations become like roaring and rolling sea. (Luke 21:5) How God's enemy, Satan, reacted to the growing continually anarchy, endangering stability of his empire? His defense was based on awakening in the whole Christianity of an active co-operation of secular powers and the churches in the field of propaganda "Peace and Safety." The vision of the Revelation shows these political schemes as emerging the ten-horn beast out of the sea and coming up the two-horn beast out of the earth. The socialist "sea," of mostly catholic citizens, became a section of his kingdom the most exposed to danger of anarchy. Because of it, from the "sea" Satan led the ten-horned beast out and led it up to the power. A such political direction of close co-operation of socialist powers with the Roman Catholic church accepted ...more

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