Two classes of the Church of the Firstborn   Seventh thousand of the years of the history of the world is the period of the second invisible presence of Christ (gr. parousia), intended for the work of the restitution of the mankind. Parousia possesses two phases, preliminary part and principal part. The preliminary phase is closing now with "a time of trouble" and a bounding of Satan.         During the preliminary phase takes place the Divine judgment over all nations and the overthrow of systems of this world, especially corrupted Christianity, Great Babylon. During farther part of Millennial time entire mankind will stand on individual trial. This trial will include both the people that survived anarchy, and the people that will arise from the graves. Under the rule of justice and love, every member of human race, restored first fully to mental health, will freely decide, what he prefer: either the good and possibility of eternal life or evil, resulting in eternal second death. Answer on the "cry of souls underneath the altar" (chapter sixth) explains reason of long waiting for the God's intervention and overthrow of Satan kingdom. Full number of "church of the firstborn who are enrolled in heaven" was this reason (Heb. ...more

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