"Bible Chronology" (published in April, 1974). Part I - Chronology of the Divine Plan of Ages     THE COMPARISON BETWEEN THE JEWISH AGE AND THE GOSPEL AGE   The length of the Jewish Age and the Gospel Age is proved from the Bible Chronology to be exactly 1845 years, so that any date in the former has its parallel date in the latter 1845 years afterwards (See diagram No. 6). It is important to recognize that "time-parallels," to be of any value, must correspond in events as well as in dates.     In addition to those already indicated there are a number of striking parallels in the two Ages, which help to confirm our understanding of the times and seasons; they correspond so closely that we cannot doubt they were so arranged by our loving heavenly Father, that the faith of his consecrated children might be strengthened in Him, and in his great Plan of the Ages. In the year 606 B.C. Nebuchadnezzar laid the holy land desolate and took the Jewish king and nation captive to Babylon, where they remained till the first year of Cyrus king of Persia, who, after the overthrow of the Babylonian kingdom, released the Jews from bondage and at the same time ...more

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