"Bible Chronology" (published in April, 1974). Part I - Chronology of the Divine Plan of Ages       WHEREBY SHALL I KNOW?   Abraham is one of the most illustrious biblical persons of The Old Testament. The most important events from his life are described in the book of Genesis (11:26-25:8). The faith in Divine promises was the outstanding feature of Abraham distinguishing him among other people. The apostle Paul includes him in the rank of men of faith, because they proved their faithfulness in difficult conditions. For this cause they will be granted by the Lord a part in the "better resurrection." (Heb. 11:8-10, 35) The apostle Paul calls Abraham "father of all them that believe" because of this exceptional faith (Rom. 4:11). Abraham is the father for Jews, because they are his sons by Isaac and Jacobs; for Mohammedans by Ishmael and Esau, whereas for Christians, by the faith (Gal. 3:29). The brother Edgar was author of brochure "Abraham's life history. An Allegory of the Divine Plan of the Ages." He analysed Abraham's entire history and found there beautiful things relating to various outlines of God's Plan. Brother Russell, in the printed sermon, "Divine Plan hidden in Abraham's family," combines in one the whole ...more

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