The second presence of Christ
was preceeded by the Day of God's Preparation

The many various prophetic chronological intimations in the Scripture proves unambiguously that the God carries out the work of salvation of the mankind according to his own Plan of the Ages. He placed however times or seasons in the own authority (Acts 1:7), what means that the outlines of this Plan have been sealed, that is kept secret till the due time. The time of establishing the God's Kingdom on the earth was one of great secrets of it. Son of God, Jesus Christ had been appointed to be the ruler of this future kingdom. Nevertheless in the Scripture there was indirect suggestion saying that Christ's millennial reign will take place in the seventh millennium of the history of the mankind.

From the time of Adam's sin until 1874 A.D. elapsed six thousands years. The Bible as well as secular history are proving this calculation unambiguously. And though the Bible contains no direct statement that the seventh thousand will be the epoch of Christ's reign, the great Sabbath Day of restitution to the world, yet the venerable tradition is not without a reasonable foundation. The law given to Israel, the typical people, appointing that six days of labor and weariness should be followed by one of refreshment and rest from their own works, seems fittingly to illustrate the six thousand years in which the whole creation labors and groans under the bondage of sin and death (Rom. 8:22) in a vain endeavor to extricate itself, and the grand Millennial Day in which the weary and heavy laden may come to Christ Jesus, the shepherd and bishop of their souls, and through him find rest, refreshment and restitution – in which, through the merits of his precious blood, they may find repentance and remission of sins.

Once, on the typical seventh day, Jesus inquired of the impotent man, "Wouldest thou be made whole?" and in answer to his faith and obedience gave him strength to take up his bed and walk. (John 5:6-9; Matt. 12:10,13; John 7:23; Luke 13:11-16; 14:1-5.)

So, during the antitypical Sabbath, the Millennium, it will be declared to all the world that "whosoever will" may have life and health eternal if he will take the steps of faith and obedience.

We must not overlook the fact, that the term day is indefinite, and signifies merely a period of time, whether of long or of short duration.

The Apostle Peter intimated that the seventh thousand-year period of the world's history would be the seventh day in God's reckoning, saying, "Beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day (...) The day of the Lord will come," etc. (2 Pet. 3:8,10)

If the seventh thousand-year period of earth's history, an epoch being specially noted as the period of Christ's reign, has began in A.D. 1874, then we are already living in it. There however was no abrupt transition from a thick gloom of Dark Ages to the light of Lord's Day.

First there was so-called Enlightenment era. The Age of Enlightenment (1688-1789) was a cultural movement in Europe and later in the American colonies, attempting to reform societies and to pull them out of mental stagnation, superstition, abuses of power by the church and the state etc.

These reforms however were being hampered by clergy and conservative circles. That is why true liberation of human mind took place by French Revolution and overthrow of papal supremacy in 1799. The millions of Bibles were published and issued almost immediately. Nearly all of great Bible Societes were organized within fifteen years after 1799. This way God gave to the people the true torch of liberty. The eve of a glorious New Era in which the Divine blessings will be showered forth upon all the nations of the earth began.

This period (begun in 1799) Daniel prophecy calls "the times of the end" (Dan. 12:4,9), whereas Nahum prophecy, "the day of his preparation." (Nah. 2:3).

The "day of his preparation" means period of time when the Lord God is preparing the elements and conditions for the new era of Christ's reign.

Let's enumerate some of these elements and conditions:

(1) The development of education, knowledge, skill, inventions, technique etc.

The Prophet states that "many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased" in the time of the end. (Dan. 12:4).

The religious field. In this period, the Lord not only has prepared the hearts of his people and led them by ways which they knew not, but for this special time of need he has furnished wonderful helps to Bible study, such as concordances, and varied and valuable translations of the Scriptures, as well as wonderful facilities for printing, publishing and mailing the truth; and the advantages of general education, so that all can read and study for themselves, and prove to their own satisfaction all the doctrines advanced; and these under conditions of peace, so that none can molest them or make them afraid to exercise full liberty of conscience in so doing.

The secular fields. The general increase of education and knowledge brought about inventiveness progress (still accelerated) inconceivably improving the standard of living of the people. The first steamboat was operated in 1807; the first steamcar in 1831; the first telegraph in 1844 etc. Today, only just under two centuries later, we are witnesses of modern conveniences and amenities, cosmic speeds of traveling and communication. Marvelous changes are being wrought out, old things are passing away and new conditions are being developed. All this simply proves that the prophecy of Daniel, "many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased," has been fulfilling now continually since the Time of the End.

The time of establishing of the Kingdom of God on the earth is already at hand. The Lord Jesus said: "The hour cometh, in which all that are in the tombs shall hear his voice, and shall come forth..." (John 5:28). The billions of people went into the graves, therefore the same billions will resurrect. All the people, both they who will survive the great tribulation and who will have been resurrected, they will need the sufficient quantity of the food, flats and life standards worthy of perfect man, future king of the earth.

It's little wonder, therefore, that in the world is taking place such extraordinary civilization acceleration. We are eyewitnesses to a setting by God in motion a gigantic productive machine, which will match up to future challenges.

(2) Final completing and changing to the heavenly glory of all 144 000 members of the "church of the firstborn" (Hebr. 12:23), that is the spiritual "seed [by which] shall all the families of the earth be blessed." (Acts 3:25)

When the Bible became easy accessible then the God's people began to study it diligently. It created condition to calling, selecting and ripening of a last group of the Church of Christ, a supplementing group. (Rom. 11:25). The "Miller movement" (1829-1844) has awakened an interest in the subject of the Lord's coming. This was a great disappointment to those "holy people" who had so confidently looked for Christ ("Michael") then to appear and to exalt them with him in power and glory. But, notwithstanding the disappointment, the movement had its designed effects. In spite of his mistake, there was paved the way to the right understanding of the prophet Daniel's visions (periods of 1260, 1290 and 1335 years), and thereby correct understanding of the manner, the object and the time of the second presence of our Lord (1874). It was just then that ten virgins (the church of the firstborn) from parable of our Lord went forth to meet the bridegroom (Jesus Christ). (Matt. 25:1-12.) Biblical chronology proves that the whole Church of Christ (wise virgins) had been taken to a glory in spring 1981.


(3) The gathering of fleshly Israelites together in the Holy Land aimed at making the New Covenant between God and them.

Our Lord promised to Jews that in the due time they will see among them resurrected Ancient Worthies, Abraham and others (Luk. 13:28-30), who will inaugurate the New Covenant between God and them (Jer. 31:31: Hebr. 8:8). For above sixteen centuries, until the Time of the End (1799), matters were in deadlock because chosen people was in disfavour with God, whereas Israelites at this time stayed dispersed all over the world, in the Diaspora. Divine promises could not be carried out, unless Israelites will come back first to their motherland, Holy Land.

In the period of discussing of so-called Eastern Question (1840-1847), which emerged as the power of the Ottoman Empire began to decline, England and France, from various regards, were acting together on behalf of creation in the Palestine of the Jewish state. Before the Convention of London (1840), in England, there was organized a wide movement on behalf of the rebirth of Jewry. Look: The State of Israel; a Historical, Economic and Political Study [By] Galina Nikitina.

Three decades later began the second invisible presence of Jesus Christ (1874). The Bible Students in USA announced then to dispersed Jews the end of so-called Double (Isa. 40:1,2) and thereby the return to them of the God's favour (1878). Then according to the Ezechiel prophecy there began a great activity among symbolic dry bones and since then the independent state of Israel came to being within next seventy years.

(4) An awakening and a organizing of the revolutionary movements of social equalization as a tool being used by God in overthrowing of existing order of the world.

God permitted papacy till the Time of the End (1799) to hold the mankind in fetters of ignorance and superstition, because He has his own times and seasons, and that He has appointed the Great Seventh Thousand-Year Day for the reign of Christ. Divine Wisdom has withheld until our day the great knowledge and skill which is breeding at the same time both millionaires and discontents. Had God lifted the veil of ignorance a thousand years sooner, the world would have lined up for the Battle of Armageddon, great tribulation, a thousand years sooner.


In 1848, the publication "Communist Manifesto" written by two political theorists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels clearly laid out to all downtrodden people the purposes and program of the class struggle. The "Communist Manifesto" ends with the words: "The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Working Men of All Countries, Unite!".

It is the very characteristic that the revolutionary movement of the working class has started in Russia together with the beginning of the seventh thousand of years from Adam fall (1874). In 1875, at Odessa, the first working-class organization came into being under the name, the "South Russian Workers' Union." In 1878, at Petersburg, the leading workers created the own organization named, the "Northern Union of Russian Workers." In 1883, the first Marxist organization, the "Emancipation of Labor" came into being with Plechanow in the lead. It was then just that Vladimir Lenin advanced on forehead of the activists of the working class of Russia etc. Since then the revolutionary movement of historical revenging on rich men class and clergy class was growing and was continually gathering momentum.
Chapter 18
Brightness of glory of Christ being present for the second time
Several above remarks being placed before the comments to the chapter 18th of the Revelation have been mentioned with the aim of facilitating of understanding of the vision of Angel descending from heaven. Symbolic Angel of whose coming down is illuminating the earth with his splendour represents our Lord's activity during his invisible second presence, full of divine power and majesty.

✽ ✽ ✽

(1) After these things I saw another angel coming down out of heaven, having great authority; and the earth was lightened with his glory.

Angel coming down out of heaven ... This vision of the Revelation with such symbolic way illustrates gradual but more and more powerful getting involved of invisible Ruler, Jesus Christ in the matters of our globe. The aim of his second presence is the establishment of the Kingdom of God on the earth, which man lost because of sin. The sin deprived man of his rest and harmony with God, however the ransom of his Son, Jesus Christ became the basis of reconciliation of mankind with her Creator and the guarantee of restoring paradise on the earth during Millennium, that is symbolic "Sabbath."

The earth was lightened with his glory … Illuminating the earth with glory means a such working of our Lord during his second presence which aims at revealing to the world of God's true character; an unmasking of every error and a lie; a destroying of every harm and injustice; a overthrow of every tyranny; a restoring to man dignity of the king of the earth etc.

Our Lord compared his second advent with the new day whose sunny light intensifies from the dawn until it reaches its zenith (Matt. 24:27; Mal. 4:2). Under the influence of this light the devilish darkness of errors, superstitions and bad deeds had been progressively forced to withdraw. The light of the truth began to penetrate all fields of the life. In the special way this concerns of propagating of the biblical teaching, which began to expose the doctrinal and moral darkness of apostate Christianity, or mystical Babylon.


(2) And he cried with a mighty voice, saying, Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great, and is become a habitation of demons, and a hold of every unclean spirit, and a hold of every unclean and hateful bird. (3) For by the wine of the wrath of her fornication all the nations are fallen; and the kings of the earth committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth waxed rich by the power of her wantonness.

Babylon the great … Not the literal ancient city of Babylon, but the symbolic city. The word "Babylon" signifies "confusion," and is used in reference to mixing the things of God and of men. Originally it signified "Gate of God." But the word came subsequently to have the meaning of confusion, mixture. The expression, Babylon signify therefore a concentration of the various errors in apostate church systems being personified in Revelation as mother and daughters. They are so numerous, and their theories so diverse and confused, that the general term of "Babylon" (confusion) is applied to them as a general or family name, both Papal and Protestant. They are calling itself proudly Christendom (Christ's kingdom). They betrayed Christ, married to worldly governments and became mystic Babylon (Rev. 18:5). Because of such adulterous relationship the Roman Catholic Church is presented as mother-harlot, whereas the sects of Protestantism as daughters-harlots.


Since when entire Divine Plan of Salvation glowed with bright clarity, a great shaft of light was cast also on the huge depravity of the papal system. Antichrist is the most powerful stronghold of the devilish power and thereby it is the largest obstacle to establishing of God's Kingdom on the earth. Eighteenth chapter of the Revelation describes the final of unmasking of this system and circumstances of its destruction during the manifestation of the presence of our Lord (gr. tee epiphaneia tees parousias; 2 Thess. 2:8).

Fallen, fallen ... Rejected by the Lord from divine favor and no longer recognized by Him. Babylon had long misrepresented the truth and the true Church, which to a large extent was in her and in her daughter systems, but her sentence of rejection was reserved until the time of second presence of Jesus Christ. The fall of this system is not instantaneous.

From the Scriptures and historical events it was proved that Jewish and Gospel Ages have the same length and corresponding parallel dates. Any date in the former has its parallel date in the latter 1845 years afterwards.

The year 29 (the first coming of Christ) is corresponding to the year 1874 (the second coming of Christ).

In the past, at the end of three and a half years long mission of our Lord the house of Israel according to the flesh has been rejected (Matt. 23:38). Between 70 and 135 A.D. spiritual ejection of it was followed by national destruction.

In parallel event, in 1878, the house of nominal spiritual Israel, "Churchianity," was rejected. At that moment there were of none outward collapse of this religious-political system, however from then on it began quickly to die out spiritually. Look comment to verse 21.

Became a habitation of demons ... Truly, no device of which we can conceive could have been better calculated to deceive and oppress mankind. Advantage has been taken of every depraved disposition and weakness of fallen men; every base passion has been stimulated and appealed to, and the gratification of those passions rewarded. The vicious were thus allured and enlisted as its devotees, while those of nobler cast were engaged by other means – by an outward and hypocritical show of piety, self-denial and charity manifested in its monastic institutions, but which served only to lead many such far from the paths of virtue. The gay and the frivolous found ample satisfaction in its parade and show, its pomp and ceremony; the enterprising and chivalrous in its missions and crusades; the profligate in its indulgences; and the cruel bigot in its enterprises for oppressing its opponents. B-348

Unclean spirit … Every impure principle and doctrine, somehow and somewhere, finds representation in her. C162

Cage … Implying that these unclean and hateful birds are considered very desirable to be held on to by nominal Christianity.

Every unclean … Thousands have been brought into the various nominal churches whose hearts remain unchanged, and hypocrites of every shade also find a home there. R1357:5

Hateful bird … The birds represented the wicked one and his agents (the Devil, hypocrites, wolves in sheep's clothing), ever ready to take away the seed of truth and to work adversely as respects the Gospel program. (Matt. 13:4, 19)

All nation … have drunk the wine of her fornication … The intimation is that the whole civilized world will be so intoxicated with the false teaching of Babylon as to be completely under her influence. The nations were drunk (stupefied), they lost their senses in drinking the mixed wine (doctrine, false and true mixed) given them by the apostate church. B348

(4) And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come forth, my people, out of her, that ye have no fellowship with her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues: (5) for her sins have reached even unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities.

And I heard (...) voice from heaven … The voice of God, the voice of conscience, of enlightenment. Not an audible voice – it merely calls us by the principles of righteousness. The voice is Present Truth – a presentation of the doctrines of the Scriptures, with their times and seasons. R5478:6

Come forth, my people, out of her! … Our Lord compared the circumstances of his second coming with the days of Lot and escape this man from Sodom (Luke 17:26-37). Abandonment of nominal Christianity by the people of God was showed both by the exit from Babylon and escape from Sodom (Rev. 11:8).

Referring in this commentary to the "days of Lot" is need, because ancient picture illustrates two stages of today's escape of God's people out of nominal systems (mystic Babylon). There were the two calls of God for escape: In 1874-1914 (USA) and in 1967-1977-1981 (Poland). Ordered by two angels an escaping out of Sodom at the crack of dawn (Gen. 19:15) illustrates the first call for exit. Though Lot's family still running away found herself already outside the city, the threat was still large, therefore one of angels urged on them to make the farther escape.

At the dawn of our Lord's second presence his people began to go out from Babylon hurriedly. They were mobilized to hurry by the need of the spiritual safety and the consciousness of close destruction of this evil world (1914). However, after last chronological disappointing in 1954, the people of God began to overwhelm spiritual stagnation. They found themselves in the danger of slowing down and looking back like Lot's wife did (the Great Company; Luke 17:32-37). When the influence of Sodom (Babylon) began to overtake fugitives, the Lord sent "one of angels," which gave them the spiritual encouragement for farther escape. It has fulfilled in prophetic movement in Poland (1967-1977-81).

From such point of view the calling of our Lord "Come out of her, my people!" did not stop in 1914 but it lasted till 1981.

Here's the calling for escape from Babylon (Sodom) which was relevant for one hundred years (1878 -1981):

We have come to the turning point, now we are in the separating time. The Lord no longer says, "Let both grow together," (Matt. 13:30) but "Come out of her, my people." R3884:4

If you remain you must submit to its fetters. Your very presence binds your influence to its systems. You dare not declare the whole counsel of God, lest it condemn them and call you out from among them. R457:5

The feeling of uneasiness and insecurity if not bound by the chains of some sect, is begotten of the false idea, first promulgated by Papacy, that membership in an earthly organization is essential to everlasting life. C186

Instead of unions in cliques, societies and denominations, bound tighter and tighter to prevent disintegration, each individual Christian must stand free from all human alliance, that he may be most completely united to Christ. R1969:1

The truth lovers will be drawn and attracted to the truth as to a magnet, the others will proportionately not be attracted. Thus the breach will grow wider and wider. NS44:3

My people ... "The church of the firstborn who are enrolled in heaven" (Hebr. 12:23). This expression includes both "wise virgins, little flock" (Matt. 25:2; Luke 12:32) – 144 000 members of Bride of Christ and "foolish virgins; a great multitude" (Matt. 25:3; Rev. 7:9-17) –- the virgins, companions of the Bride (Psa. 45:14).

The ten thousand of Psa. 91:7, the Great Company, will be partakers with Babylon in her sins, and have part in her great fall. R4926:4

Some of the Great Company must see the utter wreck of Great Babylon and receive some measure of her plagues. C364

The Great Company will not come out when this cry is made. It is after Babylon has fallen to pieces that they are liberated from her chains and influences. R275:6

Many will not get free from the shackles of error until the fall of Babylon opens their eyes to the true situation. R2135:3

That ye have no fellowship with her sins ... Specially the one of rejecting his truth. R457:5

And that ye receive ... A large number, even of the Lord's people, will share with Babylon the trouble of that hour. CR166:1

When the Master said, "Watch ye, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things coming upon the world," it included the pain of the seven last plagues. R1573:4

The true Church, the "wheat," will all be separated from the "tares" before the binding of the "tares" in bundles, ready for the "fire" (trouble) of this day of vengeance. R2538:1

Of her plagues ... The scapegoat type pictures the sending into the wilderness of isolation and persecution the Great Company, who after consecration were unwilling to go voluntarily "outside the camp." R4016:4

(6) Render unto her even as she rendered, and double [unto her] the double according to her works: in the cup which she mingled, mingle unto her double. (7) How much soever she glorified herself, and waxed wanton, so much give her of torment and mourning: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall in no wise see mourning.

Render unto her according to her works ... The horrible decrees of Papacy – for the burning, butchering, banishing, imprisoning and torturing of the saints in every conceivable way, executed with fiendish cruelty in the days of her power by the arm of the State – they have been waited the long time for a full measure of a just retribution. In the second presence of Jesus Christ, when the cup of divine indignation is full, God commanded to his people to announce a punishment of that system, being equivalent for all it crimes.

Final destruction of Antichrist

n our times the Roman Catholic church was a spiritus movens of a crusade against communism. When this terrible enemy of nominal christianity was defeated triumphing church could to deem that his excellent past comes back. She however miscalculated badly. Both God and people did not forget devilish cruelty and all dishonour deeds of this medieval system. It was intentionally exalted for a while in order to be next thrown into the precipice.
(8) Therefore in one day shall her plagues come, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire; for strong is the Lord God who judged her.

In one day (…) burned with fire ... Suddenly; Prophetic time is a day for a year; Burned with symbolic fire – descructive calamites. D39

(9) And the kings of the earth, who committed fornication and lived wantonly with her, shall weep and wail over her, when they look upon the smoke of her burning, (10) standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Woe, woe, the great city, Babylon, the strong city! for in one hour is thy judgment come.


And the kings of the earth ... shall weep ... Not because they loved her, but because she was useful to them in keeping the people in ignorance and subjection. FM

Babylon will fall before the kingdoms will fall; for in the Book of Revelation we read that the kings of the earth will stand afar off when they behold Babylon fall, and see the smoke of her burning. Q626.

The interests of the church and world are so closely linked. The church, both Papal and Protestant, has greatly aided governments in controlling them. Therefore the great, the mighty, and the rich, will weep and lament her fall. R409:2

When they look upon the smoke ... That means that they will not come in to help her. They will perceive that the masses of the people have turned against churchianity. Q627

(11) And the merchants of the earth weep and mourn over her, for no man buyeth their merchandise any more; (12) merchandise of gold, and silver, and precious stone, and pearls, and fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet; and all thyine wood, and every vessel of ivory, and every vessel made of most precious wood, and of brass, and iron, and marble; (13) and cinnamon, and spice, and incense, and ointment, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and cattle, and sheep; and [merchandise] of horses and chariots and slaves; and souls of men. (14) And the fruits which thy soul lusted after are gone from thee, and all things that were dainty and sumptuous are perished from thee, and [men] shall find them no more at all.

The merchants ... Symbolic of the clergy. R603:4*

Their merchandise no man buyeth ... Popes and bishops were forging the teachings of the Scripture and forming horrific dogmatic theology of the Dark Ages until the church became unusually profitable business. They transformed their vile inventions in the "goods," which they were selling deceived people all the time for huge money. A mass for the dead, purgatory, indulgences, bulls, baptism of infants, church weddings, funeral ceremonials, confessionals, prebends, pilgrimages, festivals of the church, sacraments, images and relicts of saints and martyrs, fastings and self-expiation etc. – all this institution of erroneous doctrines became the mint which were coining money for the Roman Church; the gold mines for the profligate nephews and natural children of the popes; the nerves of the papal wars; the means of liquidating debts, and the inexhaustible fountain of luxury to the popes, bishops and clergy.

Since the Time of the End (1799) however, and particularly since the dawn of the Lord's Day (1874) such kind of goods attracted less and less buyers.

Shall find them no more at all ... Dignified and high-sounding titles, as Reverend and Doctor of Divinity, as such shall all perish with the fall of Babylon, and as such they shall never awake or exist again. R1951:4

(15) The merchants of these things, who were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and mourning; (16) saying, Woe, woe, the great city, she that was arrayed in fine linen and purple and scarlet, and decked with gold and precious stone and pearl! (17) for in an hour so great riches is made desolate. And every shipmaster, and every one that saileth any wither, and mariners, and as many as gain their living by sea, stood afar off, (18) and cried out as they looked upon the smoke of her burning, saying, What [city] is like the great city? (19) And they cast dust on their heads, and cried, weeping and mourning, saying, Woe, woe, the great city, wherein all that had their ships in the sea were made rich by reason of her costliness! for in one hour is she made desolate.

Shall stand afar off ... Keeping clear of too close an affiliation with her. Diii

Woe, woe ... They will greatly lament her destruction, realizing that it forebodes their own. Diii

Is made desolate ... Go into oblivion, destruction. R1896:4

(20) Rejoice over her, thou heaven, and ye saints, and ye apostles, and ye prophets; for God hath judged your judgment on her.

The overthrow of ecclesiastic papal system being by ages the main support of devilish rule over the world will be greeted with the great joy by all creatures in the heaven and on the earth.

(21) And a strong angel took up a stone as it were a great millstone and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with a mighty fall shall Babylon, the great city, be cast down, and shall be found no more at all. (22) And the voice of harpers and minstrels and flute-players and trumpeters shall be heard no more at all in thee; and no craftsman, of whatsoever craft, shall be found any more at all in thee; and the voice of a mill shall be heard no more at all in thee;

Strong angel took up ... At one time the prophet Jeremiah sent his servant Seraiah to ancient Babylon to announce judgments of God upon that city. The servant read from the book a full description of the disaster which would come upon Babylon, then he tied a stone to the book and throw it into the Euphrates (Jer. 51:61-64). Similar mission to announcing of destruction of Mystic Babylon (being showed by strong angel) the prophetic movement in Poland carried out in years 1977-1981. Why it took place in Poland?

The Scripture foretold the coming out of papal beast from the abyss and a great short-lived elevation of the Roman Catholic church in final times. It turned out that this prophecy had fulfilled at Catholic Poland, the country uncritically devoted to the papacy.


In years 1977-1981 main powers of political Babylon, atheistic and religious, made the desperate effort to save themselves from the fall. In vain. Babylon triumphed for a while. The Roman Catholic church was lifted up how a millstone to be next hurled into the sea. In the year 1980/81 the co-operation: (1) of the secular powers, (2) of Roman Catholic church and (3) of Protestantism broke up. "The great city," Babylon was split in three (Rev. 18:21). World anarchy started.

Lifted up in order that she may have the greater fall. R5993:6

The present uplift in influence is but the lifting of the great millstone to make its casting down the more violent. R1002:2

The prophetic movement in the USA (1874-1914), with symbolic saying "Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great!" announced the rejection in 1878 that system from the favour of God. (Rev. 18:2). The prophetic movement in Poland (1977-1981), with symbolic saying "Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great!" announced the executing the sentence on the same system from the time of "the manifestation of the presence" of Christ (Rev. 14:8; 2 Thess. 2:8). Time of the manifestation (gr. epiphaneia) began in 1981, whereas the year 2015 is pointed prophetically as crucial.

A stone ... cast it into the sea … Both literal and mystic Babylon are compared to a stone cast into the water. Symbolic restless sea represents raging and ungovernable peoples. Shortly after Babylon goes down, the great conflagration will reach the whole world.

Thus ... With all her boasted civil and ecclesiastical power, and with all her assumed dignity, her wealth, her titles, her influence, her honors, and all her vain glory. D111

With violence ... That Babylon's destruction will be sudden, violent and complete is thus forcibly stated. D37

Be thrown down ... There is a difference between Babylon falling in a judicial sense, by being rejected by the Lord, and the actual falling, as when she goes down like a millstone. Q381:1

"Thus shall Babylon sink, and shall not rise again because of the evil that I will bring upon her; and they shall be weary." (Jer. 51:64)

(23) and the light of a lamp shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the princes of the earth; for with thy sorcery were all the nations deceived. (24) And in her was found the blood of prophets and of saints, and of all that have been slain upon the earth.

Since the time of rejection in 1878, God ceased in every respect to use Babylon as a channel for providing of his best blessings.

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GEDEON’S HISTORY The book of Judges The Madianites conquer Israel     (6:1) And the children of Israel did that ...more
Revelation - chapter 11
(1) And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and one said, ...more
Bible Chronology (19/22)
How prophecies of the 1974 have been fulfilled? – today's comment     The birth, development, final elevation ...more
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