How the prophecies of the 1974 year have been fulfilled? – today's comment

From the very beginning the Bible Students movement at the USA (1874-1916) had the prophetic character. It always rigorously abided by the principle to teach only things about which Bible says.

The comments relating to types, the figures of Mosaic Law, prophecies and lessons of the Old and New Testament had the exact reference to the concrete verses of the Scripture. The teachings about "the times of restoration of all things" (Acts 3:21), owing to such faithfulness to the Word of God, they achieved huge credibility and circulation in the whole world. The emission of millions of the copies of the volumes of Studies in the Scripture is the sufficient evidence of this.

It was understood that the typical feature of the Mosaic Law, known as the Jubilee, was intended to foreshadow the great Restitution that is the recovery of mankind from the fall. Chronologically it began in 1874, and it will be executing throughout the Millennial age. Israel's Jubilee Year, in its character, it was an illustration of the coming Restitution.

The joyful time of The jubilee announced the loud sound of the trumpet. This blowing the trumpets is the symbol of the voice announcement of the liberation era to the whole mankind of the world oppressed because of sin.

Because before 1914 there was no full understanding of the book of the Revelation it was assumed that the sound of the jubilee trumpet and seventh trumpet (Rev. 11:15) resounds since the same year 1874. The opening of the seventh seal corrected somewhat this point of view. It turned out that the blowing the trumpet of the seventh angel begins final phase of liberation era (1981), whereas the Jubilee trumpet (1874) announced the very beginning of this era.
The Year of Jubilee
Lev. 25:8-13
(8) And thou shalt number seven sabbaths of years unto thee, seven times seven years; and there shall be unto thee the days of seven sabbaths of years, even forty and nine years. (9) Then shalt thou send abroad the loud trumpet on the tenth day of the seventh month; in the day of atonement shall ye send abroad the trumpet throughout all your land. (10) And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubilee unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family. (11) A jubilee shall that fiftieth year be unto you: ye shall not sow, neither reap that which groweth of itself in it, nor gather [the grapes] in it of the undressed vines. (12) For it is a jubilee; it shall be holy unto you: ye shall eat the increase thereof out of the field. (13) In this year of jubilee ye shall return every man unto his possession...”

Below was placed excerpts from volume II of Study in the Scriptures published in 1889. (the marking of the words with bold fonts - of today's)
Israel's Jubilee Year

The year of Jubilee was a Sabbath of rest and refreshing, both to the people and to the land which God gave them. It was the chief of a series of Sabbaths or rests. They had a Sabbath day every seventh day; and once every year these typical Sabbath days reached a climax – i.e., a cycle of seven of these Sabbaths, thus marking a period of forty-nine days (7 x 7 = 49), was followed by a Jubilee day, the fiftieth day (Lev. 23:15,16), known among the Jews as Pentecost. It was a day of rejoicing and thanksgiving.

Moses was one of the prophets; and here particularly he speaks to us of the coming restitution of man's first estate and liberty, long lost, sold under sin. By the failure of our first parents all was lost: all rights were forfeited, and all became slaves to the tyrant Sin and were unable to free themselves. The family circle has been sadly broken by the bondage of corruption – death. Thank God for the promised time of release! The Jubilee is at hand, and soon the captives of Death and slaves of Sin shall have back their first estate, perfect manhood, and their first inheritance, the earth – the gift of God through Jesus Christ, the mediator and ratifier of the New Covenant.

While in the typical Jubilee Year many restored liberties and blessings were at once entered upon, yet probably most of the year was required to straighten out affairs and get each one fully installed again in all his former liberties, rights and possessions. So, too, with the antitype, the Millennial age of Restitution. It will open with sweeping reforms, with the recognition of rights, liberties and possessions long lost sight of; but the work of completely restoring (to the obedient) all that was originally lost will require all of that age of restitution – a thousand years.

But we must look for the beginnings only of this stupendous work of restoring all things. The first few days in the typical Jubilee Year would see comparatively little accomplished; and so we must expect in the first few years in the dawning of the great Millennial Jubilee to see but little accomplished. The first work in the typical Jubilee Year would naturally be a searching out of former rights and possessions and the ascertaining of present lacks.

Tracing the parallel of this, we should expect in the antitype just what we now see going on all about us; for, as will shortly be shown, we have already entered upon the great antitypical Jubilee period, and have been in it since October, A.D. 1874. What do we see about us? We see investigation on the part of the people of their original, God-given inheritance, and their present lacks, rights, etc., many in ignorance and selfishness claiming what others have; and the attempt to hold on to as much as possible on the part of those who have possession – causing disputes, controversies, strikes and lock-outs, with more or less justice and injustice on both sides, which must finally be left to Christ's adjudication, as disputes under the Law were settled by Moses…

Thus we see that not only did Israel's Jubilee clearly and forcibly prefigure the great "TIMES OF RESTITUTION OF ALL THINGS which God hath spoken by the mouth of all the holy prophets since the world began," but that also the manner of its reckoning just as clearly indicates the date of the beginning of Earth's Great Jubilee.

Let no reader hastily conclude that there are no evidences of Restitution about us, nor that the Sun of Righteousness is not already gilding the watch towers of Zion and enlightening the world.

Let him, on the contrary, reflect that we are already in the day when the hidden things are being made manifest; and let him remember that the first work of Restitution is properly a breaking down of the old and decaying structure which stands in the place which the new is to occupy. Remember that the first work of the tenderest physician is often to open the wounds, and to cleanse and amputate according to the necessities of the patient, in order to make thorough work of the healing. That such service causes pain and is seldom appreciated by the patient at the time, none need be told; and so it is with the work of the great Physician, the Restorer, the Life-giver: He wounds to heal, and the trouble and sifting in the Church and the world are but the lancing and cleansing needful, and a most important part of the Restitution work.

In the type, the Trumpet of Jubilee was to be sounded when the Jubilee Year began, to proclaim liberty throughout all the land, unto all the inhabitants thereof. (Lev. 25:10) The antitype is ushered in with the sounding of the (symbolic) "Seventh Trumpet," (…) It is indeed the great trumpet: it announces liberty to every captive; and while at first it means the surrender of many expired claims and privileges, and a general time of disturbance and unsettling of usages, habits, etc., its full import, when rightly appreciated, is "good tidings of great joy which shall be unto all people."

In the early commotion, each one who hears the Jubilee Trumpet of the new dispensation is forcibly struck by some one of its many features and heeds no other. One sees the propriety of, and calls for, governmental reforms, the abolition of standing armies and their burdensome tax. Another calls for the abolition of titled aristocracy and the recognition of every man by his manly qualities. Others call for the abolition of landlordism, and demand that landholding shall be as at first, according to necessity, and ability and willingness to use. Others call for temperance reform, and by prohibitory and other laws, by Law and Order Societies, seek to chain this great evil, and begin to restrain men who for the love of money would ensnare, enslave and destroy fellowmen, and who, fastening their fangs into their weaknesses, would fatten and luxuriate upon their blood. Others form Humane and Anti-Cruelty Societies, to prevent those who have the ability from injuring the weak and dependent.

Others form Anti-Adulteration Societies to examine into adulterations of food, and to expose and prosecute and punish those who for love of greater gain adulterate food and make it even injurious to health. Laws are enacted for the protection of the lives and the health of the people. Miners must have pure air, no matter what the cost; they must have two ways of escape in case of fire. Working people, powerless to help themselves or to choose their places of work, are cared for by the public laws. They can no longer be paid when the employer may please, and in store-orders, but the law now demands that pay-day shall be at least every two weeks and in cash. They can no longer be crowded into buildings where in case of fire they would be liable either to burn to death or to maim themselves for life by jumping; for "fire-escapes" are compulsory, and for any death or injury traceable to carelessness on the part of the employer, he is held responsible, and is punishable, either by fines, damages or imprisonment. Wealthy corporations, such as own railroad and steam-ship lines, are compelled to care for the lives and interests of the people, the poor as well as the rich. These reforms are the result of the awakening of the people by the Jubilee Trump of knowledge and liberty, and are not traceable to pure benevolence on the part of the more favored class.

For though all in the favored or wealthy class who are benevolent, and such as love righteousness, can and do rejoice in these beginnings of reform, others, and the majority, regretfully yield from necessity. True, such laws and arrangements are not yet perfected, nor are they universal; but the beginnings noticed rejoice our hearts, and give evidence of what may be expected in the exalting of the humble and lowly, and the abasing of the proud, when the Jubilee regulations are fully in operation. All these things are parts of the reform commotion ushering in Earth's Great Jubilee; and though much has been demanded, and much has been gradually conceded, yet kings, and emperors, and queens – political, social, ecclesiastical and financial – will not submit to the great leveling process of this Jubilee or Restitution age without a great and severe struggle, such as the Scriptures point out as just before us, and which, though severe, is unavoidable, and will work out ultimate good.

The spirit of "liberty throughout all the land" is indeed sometimes carried to an unreasonable extent by the ignorant and the hot-headed; and yet it is all part of the great unavoidable Jubilee excitement, occasioned by the ignorance and oppression of the past.

Before the end of this great Jubilee every human being may go entirely free – may get back to man's first estate, "very good," receiving back through Christ all that was lost in Adam.

"Bible Chronology" (published in April, 1974). Part III – Bible Numerology

Rev. 11:14-18
Lesson 94


Lesson 95

*) The mark at the verse Ezek. 9:4 of Hebrew Bible is the letter Tav - תּ.

Lesson 96


Lesson 97


Lesson 98


Lesson 99


Lesson 100

The great tribulation has to come after taking the Church from the earth:


Lesson 101


Lesson 102


Lesson 103

Elijah represents the Church of the Gospel Age. He was persecuted by Jezebel and Ahab. Jezebel is the type of the apostate church of Rome, meanwhile her husband is the type of the Roman empire. The year 539 A.D. is the date of establishment the "desolating abomination," the "small horn," that is the papacy. (Look Volume III, page 80)

Because of the idolatry, which the royal couple introduced to Israel, it was raining not for three years and a half (1260 days).

For 1260 years, from the year 539 A.D. till to the year 1799, lasted spiritual hunger, which was caused the lack of water of God's Word (Vol. II, page 256).

From the year 539 should we also counts periods of 1290 and 1335 "days," which are leading to the Millerite Movement (1829) and the dawn of the Lord's presence (1874). (Dan. 12:11, 12; Volume III, page 83)

Therefore the year 539 A.D. is the base of the reference, from which were reckoned dates of the "Time of the End". So, since the same year we should to measure out also time distances leading to the farther dates, years 1914, 1939 and 1980 (1981), as the beginnings of the wind, earthquake and fire from the vision of the Elijah.

From the year 539 till the year 1914 elapsed years:     1914  –  539  =  1375
From the year 539 till the year 1939 elapsed years:     1939  –  539  =  1400
From the year 539 till the year 1981 will elapse years: 1981  –  539  =  1442
                                                                                                      In all 4217


Lesson 104

According to this was already showed (the part V) "the eagle flying in mid heaven" (Luke 17:37; Rev. 8:13) represents the God's people, which lived before 1914. Their mission related to the three "woes", which, in the result of extinction of the Time of the Gentiles, had to execute destructions of the old state of affairs and in this way to pave the way to the Kingdom of God.

It was the general contemporary understanding, that the wind, the earthquake and fire, they represent the war and revolution and anarchy. Bible numerology confirmed genuineness of these expectations. It not only confirmed the year 1914, as the date of the symbolic wind, but it also set up in the time these events, which had been showed through the earthquake and fire.


Lesson 105


Lesson 106


(The remark to above composition: In the verse Rev. 8:7 the word an "angel" does not occur)

The great tribulation (Matt. 24:21, 22), which our Lord announced in the spring 33 will happens after 1948 years as blowing the trumpet of the seventh angel. We can now in the well-founded way, to treat the year 32,25 as the year of the reference at the calculation of the quantity of the years, which elapsed from the Lord words to every of the previous six trumpets.
Lesson 107

"Everything in Jericho was accursed, condemned or devoted; and so everything in and of our carnal nature is condemned or devoted – every living creature must be put to death. This represents that every active influence and principle of the fallen nature must be destroyed... (Col. 3:5-10)." Z ’07-300

From the God decree, every day in the sequence of the six next days Israelites had to make the one march round the city. During each march the seven priests blew in horns, however the nation kept silent. Seventh day, however, these actions have been executed seven times, with this, that after seventh blowing the trumpet, the people had to give the great shout. Then, in the result of the working of God's power, the walls of Jerycho had to collapse.

"Typifying the trumpet notes of the Royal Priesthood, of obedience to God and opposition to sin" (Look the comment to Josh. 6:20).

Seven days can represent seven periods of the Church, in which it was continually announced future total victory over the weaknesses of the body. This victory will be reached entirely, when the present-day "tent" of the New Creation will be destroyed (2 Cor. 5:1).

There is the different viewpoint also on the destruction of Jerycha. The prostitute Rahab represents the Great Company, which will be saved in the great tribulation (Look the comment to Josh. 6:25).

This will have the place after taking from the earth the Church class (Rev. 6:10, 11; 18:20, 24). In the destruction of Jericho is presented the fall of the "present evil world" – the fall of "Babylon."

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