How the prophecies of the 1974 year have been fulfilled? – today's comment

The seventh seal has been broken

The leader of prophetic movement of years 1879-1916 at the USA, the author of the six volumes of Studies in the Scriptures, Charles Taze Russell, long ago said: "There are certain things in Revelation which I do not understand, and for this reason I do not write the Seventh Volume" (Q643:3; 1916 A.D.). He said also, that the seventh volume would not be for the development of the Church; that the preceding six volumes of Studies in the Scriptures contain the necessary spiritual food for that purpose. Asked why, then, it would be written, he replied, "It will probably be given to the Church in a time of direst need, for her comfort and encouragement." (the book "The Finished mystery", page 7; 1917 A.D.).

Until the Divine time came on this and come to pass the events on which suitable visions would be to point, the secrets of the Revelation Book could not be understood. From the time of expiry of so-called Times of the Pagans (1914) took place many remarkable events. The two world wars shook the mankind, exploded many various revolutions, rapidly, one after another, nations won for themselves independence. After two and half the thousands of years came again to the being the state of Israel. Christian believers saw this all, but they did not know, how these facts to place in the chain of prophetic events, except the general conviction that they occurred in the second presence of Christ.

The situation changed, when just before the time of epiphaneia (1980/81) the Lamb that is Jesus Christ has broken seventh seal concealing last secrets for the Church. This occurred at Poland, in the latter part of seventieth years of last century, that the prophetic movement appeared, which with miraculous accuracy began to explain the meaning of events accumulated since the end of Time of the Gentiles (1914). Member of the Free Bible Students congregation in Warsaw, brother Tadeusz Wiśniewski stood on the lead of this emerging chronological movement.
Before the eyes of believers he began to unfold the prophetic perspective which basis were so-called "the parallels from Abraham life." He announced his surprising biblical observations on The General Convention of the Free Bible Students in Cracow, in July, 1966. Main contents of the lecture appeared at first in the periodical "Na Straży" (1967) and next in the book "Bible Chronology" (Chronologia Biblijna), published in 1974.


To the next breakthrough has brought the year 1969, when it turned out, that God's Word concealed for the very end the additional tool to the acquiring of wisdom – language of the biblical numerology (Rev. 13:18).
The use of the such language had the principal meaning for reading the visions of the book of Revelation inexplicable so far. Especially, the understanding of subject of blowing the trumpet seven angels has become important source of information. The simple and explicit reasoning, which only the truth of God can to deliver, identified blowing the trumpets of these Angels as the communist movement – the atheistic army of our Lord in the day of his presence.
This discovery started the special chain reaction, which threw the further light on important pictures and visions, understood at the dawn of Lord's presence initially, but had to be laid on the side temporarily. This relates to the picture of the ten Egyptian plagues, the picture of the escape Lot from Sodom, the vision Elijah, etc. Besides, it turned out, that tenth string of God's harp, chronology, it cracked not at all, and though pressed temporarily and turned off, it began now to sound together with different strings with the miraculous harmony.
So splendid exposure of God's secrets gave birth the conviction, that the seventh seal, under which these secrets were hidden, had been opened. This conviction was strengthened even more, when it turned out, that the expression, "opened the seventh seal", has the numerical value – 1967.
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"Bible Chronology” (published in April, 1974). Part III – Bible Numerology


Lesson 61

"What thou seest, write in a book and send [it] to the seven churches: unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamum, and unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicea" (Rev. 1:11).

"Our Lord says, 'The seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches' – the one Church whose seven stages or developments were symbolized by the seven congregations of Asia Minor (Rev. 1:11). Yes; that candlestick represented the entire Church of the Firstborn – not the nominal, but the true Church, whose names are written in heaven – the true light-bearers – the 'Royal Priesthood.'" ("Tabernacle Shadows," pages 115, 116)


Lesson 62


Lesson 63

At a moment of the fulfilment of the Lord's promise given to believers of the last period of the Laodicean Church (1980), building of the antitypical seven-branches golden candlestick – according to God's will expressed on Sinai – will be accomplished..


Lesson 64

The final things, compared by the Lord to destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in the days of Lot, relate to the period of the Laodicean Church. Escape of Lot and his family to the safe place is equivalent with the achievement by the winners of the prize promised for the faithful ones of this period.


Lesson 65

The events, which were expected in connection with the dawn of the second presence of the Lord are described the words of Rev. 6:16, 17. These words finish the scope of God's revelation relating to the opening of the sixth seal. (look Volume II, page 139; Volume IV, page 582)


Lesson 66

"Come now, ye rich, weep and howl for your miseries that are coming upon you (...) Behold, the hire of the laborers who mowed your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth out: and the cries of them that reaped have entered into the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth (...) Be patient therefore, brethren, until the coming of the Lord [gr. hee parousia tou Kuriou]" (James 5:1-8). (look compositions 33-35)

Lesson 67


Lesson 68


Lesson 69
(Volume II, page 169)

Lesson 70

"Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem,
and set a mark [tav] upon the foreheads of the men..."

Ezek. 9:4
The "mark," mentioned in the foregoing quotation, this is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which the numerical value is "400."

Number "400" is symbolic extremely. It hides the references to the experiences of the Church (Abraham's Seed) and hers number.

This is remark in the "Biblical Comments" to Gen. 15:13:

400 years ....Beginning with Ishmael’s mockery of Isaac, 30 years afterthe Covenant
                     with Abram, when Isaac was 5 years old, and ending with the Exodus.

(The remark: 400 prophetic years equal 144,000 days)

Mentioned above remarks suggest, that the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the "Tav," written on the foreheads, represents the final fragment of the mission of the Church (144,000 – Rev. 7:1-4). (look Volume III, page 211; Volume VII, pages 417-421)

"And I saw the seven angels that stand before God; and there were given unto them seven trumpets..." (Rev. 8:2-4)

John saw also the Angel, who offered upon the altar the incense with the prayers of the saints in the presence of God. This Angel at the next moment threw censer filled from the altar fire upon the earth. In the result of this there were thunders, and voices, and lightnings, and an earthquake. Then the seven angels that held the seven prepared to blow them. (verses 5, 6)

Mentioned above verses are showing, that the calls and prayers (incense) for God's kingdom and for revenge for the injustice entered to ears of the Lord of Hosts. (Matt. 6:10; Rev. 6:9-11) Therefore, at the dawn of the Lord’s presence, the Judge, who already "stands before the door," soon executes the right punishment through the tools, which He will prepare to this aim. (James 5:1-9; Volume I, page 314; Volume IV, p. 410-511; look lessons 65-66)

When the dawn of presence of the Lord began to distract the glooms of darkness, from the Gold Altar (Christ) began to fall upon the earth (societies) the fiery truths which cause the intellectual activity, disputes, angry words and arguments leading to social revolution (the quake of the earth). It seems, that the working class of Russia was suitable to be formed as the tool to the realization of the future revenge.
Let us notice at history how the working-class movement grew from dawn of the Lord presence (1874) in this great country, great in relation to the territory and population.

This is the handful the information from books "History Communist Party Soviet Union" (Polish publisher "Książka i Wiedza" 1960):

"The South Russian Union of Workers" was first organization, that came into being in Odessa in 1875. In the half of seventieth years the leading workers in Petersburg approached to the creating of the own organization, which in 1878 came into being ultimately under the name "The Northern Union of Russian Workers." First Russian Marxist organization "The Emancipation of Labor," with Plekhanov on the lead, came into being in September 25, 1883. One of the first Marxists was Vladimir llyich Lenin (Ulyanow), founder and the leader of Bolsheviks, that is the communist party.

In 1887, Lenin, as seventeen-years-old young man, took part in the revolutionary pronouncement of students of Kazan. Then has been arrested and sentenced on transportation. Studying Marx and Engels, Lenin has become decided Marxist.

The growing from the day on the day, working-class movement aimed, in the thought of the passwords of the socialist ideology, to the consolidating his strengths to the common aim. The congresses were the expression of the growing robustness of the working-class movement.
The First Congress of the local social-democratic organizations was held illegally in Minsk in the first three days of March 1898. Only nine participants took part in it. The Congress adopted the resolution about the creation of the Russian Social-Democratic Workers' Party (RSDWP). The party however was not created in fact. Social-democratic organizations did not have uniform program, charter and tactics, there was lack one managerial centre, there was no ideological and organizational unity. Lenin outlined the plan of the construction of the Marxist party. From his initiative came into being abroad the periodical "Iskra," whose the first issue appeared in the 11.12.1900. The task of this periodical (transferred to Russia illegally) was creation of the party free from the restraining influences of the various kind of opportunism, capable to the final aim: inflammation of the working-class and peasant class with the fire of the revolution, and that the password Marx and Engels, "Workers of the world, unite!" entered in the blood of the working-class of Russia ("From the spark will flare up the flame")..

The Second Congress of the RSDL took place in Brussels, and later in London since 17 July till 10 August 1903.

The the main task of the congress was the creation of the real party on the basis the ideological and organizational principles, which the "Iskra" advanced and worked out. As the nearest political task of the party, the congress proclaimed the overthrowing of the czar's autocracy (the programme – minimum), annulment of the great-landed property of the earth, abolition of the division of the society on classes, abolition of the serfdom, and the redevelopment of society in the spirit of socialism (the programme – maximum). In complete harmony in this programme with spirit and the principles of the theory of Marxism, there was put forward the thesis about the necessity of establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat, which would let to stifle every resistance of overthrown exploiters and all class strengths hostile towards the socialism inside the country, in the aim to defend the trophies of socialism against external enemies assault. During discussing on this subject, two opposed currents clearly emerged. In this way happened the split of the party on Bolsheviks and Mensheviks. In the consequence, it brought to the creation of two parties – proletarian, revolutionary, and petit-bourgeois, conciliatory. On the Second Congress the bolshevism was born.

Lenin: "As a current of political thought and as a political party, Bolshevism has existed since 1903."

Third Congress called together by Bolsheviks took place in London in the period from 12 to 27 April 1905, without participation of Mensheviks and in struggle with them. Congress was devoted particularly to the matter of growing continually the peasants movement, which grew despite the attempt to stop him by czar's government, and to the task of organizing the proletariat to the direct fight in the way of the armed uprising. Lenin proved that the party should to aim to bringing in the political consciousness to the peasants movement, so that the village proletariat understands the opposite of his businesses and the businesses of the village bourgeoisie. Resolutions of III Congress formulated strategic plan and the tactical line of the party in the revolution. The plan foresaw overthrow of the czar's feudal power together with Mensheviks, then the overthrow of Mensheviks and establishment ultimately of the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Fourth Congress (Union) RSDLP debated in Stockholm in days 10-25 April 1906. The Congress was holding under password of unification of frontline and stimulation of the growing continually revolutionary movement of the workers and peasants. The agrarian programme, which Lenin defended, aimed to the revolutionary demolition of whole old property of the ground. The main points of this programme were as follows:

(1) The confiscation of the whole ground: of the Orthodox Church, of the monastic, of the appanage, of the state, and of the cabinet,

(2) The appointing the peasants committees to an aim of the liquidation all the remainders of the landed power and the landed privileges, and to an aim of actual administering the confiscated land,

(3) In the definite political conditions (the decided victory of the revolution and establishment of the democratic republic), the nationalization of the whole land, i.e. delivery it to the property of the state.

Fifth Congress was held in London from 30 April to 19 May 1907, while duration of the revolution (1905-1907), which hugged 215, that is the half of all administrative districts of European Russia.

Congress passed a resolutions, which defined the politics of Bolsheviks party for the longer time. The widening revolutionary movement caused demonstrations in army and navy, though the revolution did not succeed yet. Lenin over the ice of the Finnish gulf escaped abroad, where he lived till april 1917, and from where he won over the masses to the new revolution by letters.

In our considerations about blowing the trumpets through seven Angels is the very important thing to settle the beginning of these blows. This beginning had the place on the Second Congress, on which the most radical form of the revolutionary movement was born, that is the bolshevism. Therefore, the blowing the trumpet of the first four Angels is history of developing of the bolshevism in period of four Congresses: second, third, fourth and fifth.

The blowing the trumpet of the first Angel has fulfilled on the Second Congress. The composition of the Bible numerology, supported as much as through two a "catalysts," is a proof of this. First of the catalyst is expression: "He opened the seventh seal," second of them – the word the Consoler (parakleetos), the name of the Holy Spirit, which had "to guide into all the truth."
Lesson 71

The program of the periodical "Iskra," the organ of combative avantgarde of the working class, whose the only propagator was, born during the Second Congress, the bolshevism – it was the "programme of the minimum." He had contained the hard truths about the social character, bringing the annoyance (hail), and the fiery experiences, leading to depriving the life of the feudal and capitalistic system (fire mixed with the blood). The "programme of the maximum" had to execute the rest in the planned redevelopment of the state according to the Marxist principles. So as in the vision, the aim of dumping the "hail and the fire mixed with the blood" was "burning trees and every green grass," similarly, the aim of diffusing of the propaganda was to gain all (small and large) for the revolutionary idea, and depriving them at a time life (burning) and greenness (liking) in relation to the feudal and capitalistic system. Decided position in this matter was demostrated by the plan of establishing of the "dictatorship of the proletariat," which appeared on the Second Congress. Sharpness of such a perspective caused even the split amid the same group of the followers of the revolutionary idea.


"And the second angel sounded; and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood; and there died the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, [even] they that had life; and the third part of the ships was destroyed" (verses 8, 9).

Third Congress was held at the time, when the czar's Russia, "a great mountain burning with fire" was in fuels of the bourgeois-democratic revolution, which overtook more and more wide circles of the country (1905). The aim of the Third Congress was the achievement of the victory of the revolution. For the creation possible the strongest frontline to the final fight with the feudal system, it was decided to tie together both wings of the revolutionary movement, distributed the internal disagreement and then to deal a final blow to the common enemy: the great mountain (kingdom) burning with fire "to throw into the sea" of the rebellious revolutionary masses. To this aim has been planned reinforcement "bloody" propaganda, directed particularly to the peasants masses. The propaganda had to permeate the "sea" and "to change it into blood." If anyone in social masses (creatures in the sea) would have the liking to the feudal system, this had been seized by strong propaganda had to "die" – withdraw support. The expression, "the third part of the ships were destroyed", pictures that masses, informed by propaganda, that workers and peasants businesses are conflicting with the businesses of the various organizations, state and bourgeois, they had to refuse them earnings and to cause their ruin in this way. It was planned a crash of old social order and its financial and organizational equilibrium.

"And the third angel sounded; and there fell from heaven a great star, burning as a torch, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of the waters; and the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter" (verses 10, 11).


Debates of the Fourth Congress from the beginning were running amid the sharp ideological fight between Bolsheviks and Mensheviks. In the revision of the agrarian program, instead of the attempts of the cleaning of the landed economy, it was decided to do away with it. This radical program was specified in three points, which were quoted in part related to debates of IV Congress. This program called on the peasants to the decided attack on the earth property of landowners. It was connected with general tactics of the Bolsheviks, aiming to bringing the bourgeois-democratic revolution to the end and turning it into the socialist revolution.

In consequence, such the plans were destroying brutally and radically the material bases of the existence of the power imperial, capitalistic and of the church, which, supporting each other mutually and surrounded the halo of holiness and unalterability, were for the society as the bright star in the sky. Tsar and church, treated to the time with the great respect, now was stripped from the halo of holiness and named "the blood suckers." In result of this they had, in the thought the propaganda, under the influence of bitter experiences, to fall to the earth as the star of bitterness, "wormwood," on the "rivers and the sources of waters." Used here symbols are pointing out to the worldly origin of czar's power. The collapse of this power had to fill up the tsar himself bitterness, his retinue, and all serfs of the tsar, who "were drinking" erroneous theories so far.

The fall "star" showed on the nearing end of the doctrine claiming, that the church and the royal power, and also ancestral and financial aristocracy, they all rule from God's decree.

"And the fourth angel sounded; and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; that the third part of them should be darkened, and the day should not shine for the third part of it, and the night in like manner" (verse 12).


Here are the excerpts from the writings of Lenin:

Volume 10, page 71: "Religion is one of the forms of spiritual oppression which everywhere weighs down heavily upon the masses of the people, over burdened by their perpetual work for others, by want and isolation."

page 72: "Religion is opium for the people. Religion is a sort of spiritual booze, in which the slaves of capital drown their human image, their demand for a life more or less worthy of man..."; "The proletariat of today takes the side of socialism, which enlists science in the battle against the fog of religion, and frees the workers from their belief in life after death by welding them together to fight in the present for a better life on earth."

page 74: "We demand complete separating the church from the state, so as to be able to combat the religious fog with purely ideological and solely ideological weapons, by means of our press and by word of mouth. But we founded our association, the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party, precisely for such a struggle against every religious bamboozling of the workers."

Volume 15, page 397: "The religion – this opium of the nation – this saying of Marx makes up the cornerstone of the whole Marxist viewpoint in the matter of the religion. All present religions and churches, and all religious organizations, Marxism always treats as the organs of the bourgeois reaction, serving to the defence of exploitation and fooling the working class."

page 400: About the roots of the religion.

"In the present-day capitalistic countries the social roots are this first of all. Social the oppress of the working masses, their apparent total helplessness in the face of blind strengths of the capitalism, which every the day, every hour inflicts thousand time more the cruelest sufferings, the most wild tortures to the usual people of the work, than all extraordinary events, how war, the quake of the earth, etc... – This in what are the deepest contemporary roots of the religion..."

Volume 33, p. 233: "From above mentioned it result, that a periodical which desires to be the organ of the militant materialism should be the militant organ to the effect firstly, that it would to expose and fight all the present-day 'qualified lackeys of the shavelings' systematically ... Such periodical should be, secondly, the organ of militant atheism."

Clearly to see from above mentioned quotations, that hits of the sun (the light of the Gospel), of the moon (the light of the Law) and of the stars (the Apostles teachings) mean the disbelief, as the result of the materialistic ideology Marx, Engels and Lenin.

In all verses describing the four Angels blowing the trumpets, expression "the third part" relates to Russia, which in Europe represented one of the three ecclesiastic systems: (1) Roman Catholicism, (2) Protestantism, (3) Orthodox Church. In this way, through the blowing the trumpets of the four Angels, the God's Word portrays the whole profile of the revolutionary movement, which, from the Lord permission, had to fulfill at the future its historical mission as the revolutionary, atheistic army of Lord (Joel 2:1-11; Volume IV, pages 544-546).

"And I saw, and I heard an eagle, flying in mid heaven, saying with a great voice, Woe, woe, woe, for them that dwell on the earth, by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels, who are yet to sound" (verse 13).


On the background of the historical events approaching inevitably to the critical point, God's people fulfilled his mission as the long-sighted "eagle" (Luke 17:37), flying in "mid heaven." Particularly, this took place in the last several years before outbreak of the first world war. The mission announced the nearing of the end of the Times of Gentiles and impending three "woes": (1) the war, (2) the revolution and (3) anarchy (1 Kings 19:11, 12). It was the most mobilizing subject of the first four volumes of the "Study in the Scriptures."

The blowing trumpets of the first four Angels – this was organization, planning, the manifesting and growth. Meanwhile, the blowing the trumpets of the next three Angels – this was the farther growth of revolutionary movement on the background of wars of the world range leading to the final point: Great Day of Battle of God the Sovereign – Armageddon.

Sixth Congress of the Bolshevik party was held in Petersburg from 26 July to 3 August 1917. This was already after the outbreak of the first world war and after the overthrow of the Czarism by the bourgeois-democratic revolution, so none should take it into the farther considerations over blowing the trumpets of the seven Angels. (Look "Historia Komunistcznej Partii Związku Radzieckiego" Poland, Książka i Wiedza, 1960, page 285)

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