How the prophecies of the 1974 year have been fulfilled? – today's comment

Lessons from Biblical Chronology (1974) quoted below relate to the Law of Moses. The mathematical relationships of the numerical values of the names of equipment and ceremonies of the Law have delivered additional proofs on this, that the expectation prophetic relating to the year 1980/81 and 1984 will be fulfil unfailingly. It was expected, that these years would bring decided breakthrough, ending era of the spirit of the Gospel Age and beginning the blessings of God's Kingdom on the earth. When these years came, seemingly no important events (conspicuous and of huge scale) have been occurred. It turned out, however, that victory of the Solidarity Movement at Poland brought about so-called "snowball efect". From an initial state of small significance (seemingly) the events are gaining more and more momentum, and are running right now with the terrific speed to the precipice.

Year 1980/81 is the beginning of blowing the trumpet seventh angel: The kingdom of the world is become [the kingdom] of out Lord, and of his Christ: (...) And the nations were wroth, and thy wrath came..." (Rev. 11:15, 18). The communistic governments, which paralysed world with theirs warlike ideology, has been overthrown with astounding easiness in the years 1980-1984. It was power of triumphant Heavenly Kingdom which defeated these powers. In effect of this event the explosion of the freedom took place, which is spreading to the whole world. Nations get drunk the regained freedom and are little thinking today about that, what will happen tomorrow, when the world loses equilibrium at last. The excitement of the nations, mentioned above, in another place of Scripture is named "the great tribulation, such as hath not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, nor ever shall be." (Dan. 12:1; Mat. 24:21). Though this sounds paradoxically, but this tribulation is for the world the blessing, because he will crush hearts and unlocks human ears to listen to the salutary science broadcasted from the future capital of the world, that is Jerusalem (Jer. 3:17; Isa. 2:3).

The year 1878, in the middle of Israel's "double" (Jer. 16:18; Isa. 40:2) is good an example of such breakthrough. The favour of God began to come back to the Israeli nation from this breakthrough. Started the God's programme to bring this chosen nation "into the bond of the covenant" (Ezech. 20:37). On the beginning the programme included the gathering Jews together in the Promised Land, after that the restoring the state to them, and, ultimately, the making with them the New Covenant (Jer. 31:31). Jews meanwhile, during conditions of the Diaspora lasting beyond sixteen ages, they became accustomed "to serve wood and stone" at foreign countries to such degree, that they forgot about Divine promises quite (Ezech. 20:32). But God did not forget. He sent Zionist "fishermen" to them at first, and terrible "hunters" at last. First Zionists (Herzl and others), then pogroms and ultimately horrendous "hunter", Hitler, they have fulfilled Divine plans. Because of Auschwitz nightmare many of Jews lost theirs faith in God. However, immensity of the future blessings will open their eyes on this, that traumatic experiences, which they underwent, were the proof of the recurring favour of God.
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"Bible Chronology” (published in April, 1974). Part III – Bible Numerology

Hebr. 10:1
Lesson 13

The lamb (hebr. seh), it is the sacrifice of the passover (hebr. zebach-pecach). (Exod. 12:5, 27; 34:25)

This is the numerical value of the Hebrew words: the lamb-sacrifice of the passover, and the words of John the Baptist, in Greek language of New Testament, with which he pointed on our Lord: "Behold the Lamb of God" (John 1:36).

Lesson 14

The blood of bulls and goats represented Moses blood, mediator of the Law Covenant (Hebr. 9:19-20). "Better sacrifices," mentioned in verse 23, they were prefigured through "the blood of bulls and goats" offered by Moses. When the whole Church is already beyond the "second veil," then the blood of New Covenant will become complete (Matt. 26:27-29; 1 Cor. 10:16, 17).

The number "3595" represents the quantity of years, from the time, when Moses offered the typical sacrifices (1615 B.C.), till the completion of the sacrifice of the Church on the earth (1980 A.D.).
1615  +  1980 = 3595

Lesson 15

"And Solomon made ... the golden altar, and the table whereupon the showbread was, of gold" (1 Król. 7:48).

"And he made the candlestick of pure gold" (Exod. 37:17).

The objects in the "Holy", enumerated above, they represent the complete Church, beggoten of the holy Spirit, in its various actions. ("Tabernacle Shadows" pages: 123, 124, 129)

The Church will be in this condition, until it will pass beyond the "second veil" (hebr. poreketh; Exod. 26:31).

Lesson 16

"The Ark of the Covenant or 'Ark of the Testimony' was the only article of furniture in the Most Holy (See Heb. 9:2-4 and Diaglott footnote). Its name suggests that it illustrated the embodiment of Jehovah's plan, which he had purposed in himself, before the beginning of the creation of God – before the minutest development of his plan had taken place. It represented the eternal purpose of God – his foreordained arrangement of riches of grace for mankind in the Christ (Head and Body) – "the hidden mystery." It therefore represents Christ Jesus and his Bride, the "little flock," to be partakers of the divine nature, and to be imbued with the power and great glory – the prize of our high calling – the joy set before our Lord, and all the members of his Body (...)

"Here, then, in the golden Ark, was represented the glory to be revealed in the divine Christ: in the budded rod, God's chosen priesthood; in the tables of the Law, the righteous Judge; in the incorruptible manna in the golden bowl, immortality, the divine nature." ("Tabernacle Shadow," pages 121, 123)


Lesson 17


Lesson 18
This is the numerical value of words "Ark of the Testimony" and "The Most Holy" in Hebrew, with taking into count the Dagesh forte and the Greek word "immortality" (gr. hee athanasia):


Lesson 19

"And the stones shall be according to the names of the children of Israel, twelve,
according to their names; like the engravings of a signet, every one according to his name,
they shall be for the twelve tribes."
Exod. 28:21
It is this phase of the Law which bears the "jewels," set in gold, representative of the true Israel, the Lord's "little flock." "They shall be mine, saith the Lord of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels" (Mal. 3:17). ("Tabernacle Shadows," page 36)

God gave the mentioned above instruction to Moses on the mountain Sinai. This was in 1615 B.C.. The twelve names of the sons of Israel, which were engraved according to their primitive arrangement on twelve precious stones of the Breastplate of Judgment, represents twelve generations of spiritual Israel.

Lesson 20

Before installing in the office, the High Priest was to offer the offerings ordered by Omniscient Creator. The bullock and the goat were basic sacrifices. There were also the another sacrifices who illustrated antitypical the sin-offerings from the various points of view. All the actions of the High Priest, before he was installed in the office, described in Lev. 9:8-22, they represent the whole offering-activity during the Gospel Age, from the sacrificing of the Head till to completion of the sacrifices of the church. ("Tabernacle Shadows," pages 79-83)


This very important number, "3705," with another "catalyst", make up the component of the another composition:


Lesson 21

Aaron did not approached to the making the sacrifices, until he received the order from Moses.


Lesson 22

Here are typical sacrifices of the High Priest and the date of the installing Him in office:

Lesson 23
Lev. 16:3-33
The instruction relating to the Day of Atonement was given by the Lord to Moses at the time, when the Tabernacle was already pitched (Exod. 40:17; Lev. 1:1) but the Israelites withdrew not from the mountain Sinai yet (Num. 1:1; 10:11). It came to pass in the year after exodus of Israel from the Egyptian land.


The number "3594" represents the quantity of years, from since the Lord gave the above mentioned instruction (1614 B.C.), till to the making atonement through the blood of the "Lord's Goat," what will happen, when the New Creation class of the Church, that is the High Priest body, is passing beyond the "Second Veil" (1980). ("Tabernacle Shadows," pages 66, 67, 74, 75)
1614  +  1980  =  3594

Lesson 24

Lesson 25

The number "1948" represents the quantity of years, from the impartation of the Holy Spirit (32,25), when the classes "Lord's Goat" and "Scape-Goat" have been tied up at the door of the Tabernacle (consecrate), till the time, when the whole Church is passed beyond the "Veil" and the Great Company will be forced to step aside into the wilderness – into condition of seclusion and destruction of body (1980,25). (Matt. 25:10-12, 30; Rev. 7:14; "Tabernacle Shadows," pages 68-72)
32,25  +  1948  =  1980,25

Lesson 26

"When this day (age) of sacrifice is over, the complete Priest (Head and Body) will appear before God, and give evidence of having met all the claims of Justice against the people (the world). It will be noticed that while the type of Leviticus 16 divided the work of the Atonement Day, and showed all the particulars of how the Lord's sacrifice first makes ours worthy of acceptance, etc., this type showed the entire work of the Gospel age as successive offerings, yet joined really in one – all the sufferings of the entire Christ, followed at once by restitution blessings." ("Tabernacle Shadows," pages 82, 83)


The number "873" conceals at itself the proper number in the scale 1:7: 873 x 7 = 6111

The number "6111" shows the quantity of years, from since the sin entered the world and the mankind is condemned (autumn 4127 B.C.), till to the blessings, which will flow down to the world in Restitution (1984) then, when sin-offerings end.
4127   +   1984 = 6111

The remark: We find out the example of the similar scale in comment to Jud. 1:14, in the "Biblical Comments":

Enoch the seventh from Adam .. A possible hint that man’s restoration to perfection
                                                         would be in the seventh thousand year day. 

Lesson 27

The blessing of Aaron and Moses, which is recorded in Num. 6:24-26, was certainly expressed according to the rule passed on by Creator.

"The priestly blessing has in Hebrew the beautiful form. It consists of three verses; each of them calls in Jehovah name. Every verse consists of two clauses of which first is longer than second. These three verses moreover are constructed so that second is longer, and third the longest. First consists of fifteen, second of twenty, and third of twenty five consonantal signs. First consists of three, second from five, third of seven words, and so the whole blessing consists of fifteen words. And when Jehovah name oneself skips, twelve words stay, suitably to the number of twelve tribes. The blessing in respect of content rises how the river which overflows on God's people. It achieves the peak point in the last word 'peace.'" (The excerpt from the comment to the Book Numbers – Pallottinum 1970)

The "seventh seal" will be "the catalyst" to the following calculation:

Added by: Andrzej
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