The seventh seal is opened     Author of the series six volumes of the Studies in the Scripture, C.T. Russell, said in 1916 (Q645:3): "There are certain things in Revelation which I do not understand, and for this reason I do not write the Seventh Volume." All these "certain things" were the unknown pieces for the dozens years. They from necessity had to stay not filled until the time of opening of the seventh seal.   The secrets hidden under this seal in symbolic visions could not earlier be read, until the Divine time came and have occurred the events on which these visions pointed out. Since the end of the Times of the Gentiles (1914) took place many unusual events. Two world wars shook the world, everywhere various revolutions multiplied. In result of World War II many of nations reached independence. Chosen nation of Israel also received its own state. God's people saw all these things, but they did not know, how to harmonize these events with the prophecies of Bible, except they had the general conviction, that this happens in the second presence of Christ.   That situation changed however, when, just before time of the manifestation of Lord’s presence (gr. epifaneia), the Lamb ...more

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