The twelfth chapter of the Revelation is showing in the symbols the circumstances of the end of the Gospel age, that is the end of choice of complete Christ, Head and Body. This choice was pictured as the "man birth." The "birth" was accompanied in the external scene by the political activity of atheistic socialist powers ruling the whole eastern block. The chapter reveals, how Satan manipulated this power in his efforts of thwarting of the Divine plan of the ending of choice of the Church of Christ. In addition the chapter shows the final history of the remainder of the true Church on the earth. The main part of the work of testimony about second presence of Jesus Christ and given by Him "food in due season" happened in United States in years 1874-1914. Complementary prophesying took place in Poland in years 1977-1981. Here also, on the base of the Scripture's chronological premises was announced the understanding of the fact of the end of heavenly High Calling. Moreover also in Poland, in most great number were represented those students of Bible, who were believing in the fact of still opened door of High Calling, also after the year 1914. (1) And ...more

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