The Ransom of Jesus Christ the only rescue for the mankind   The human drama began in the Paradise, when first parents, in spite of knowledge of fatal results, violated the Divine prohibition and reached out for a forbidden fruit. In this way they brought the death sentence on themselves and their offspring. The punishment seems to be drastic, disproportionately high to the transgression. We have to take however into consideration the absolute human perfection of our parents. We are only the shreds of the such intellect, the moral feeling and the physical beauty, which Adam and Eve fully possessed. God created Adam in his own image and the likeness, in a single act, and He described his work as "very good." The Scripture clearly declares that "Adam was not beguiled" (1 Tim. 2:14) therefore breaking the law by first man was deliberate act. The theory of evolution about gradual development of man from lower existence forms into higher makes the Apostles a fools, because they taught about restitution of mankind. "Restitution" is translated from two biblical Greek words: "apokatastasis” (Acts 3:21) and "paliggenesia." (Matt. 19:28.) They clearly assure us, that man will return to the primitive state. To what first condition would ...more

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