FOUR RIDERS   Vision of the Ruler of universe in chapter 4 showed, round the throne, four all-seeing creatures, which represent God's four attributes: Justice, Power, Love and Wisdom. The man, who was created in God's image, and after his likeness, was equipped in the same attributes in human sizes. A such unity of thoughts and feelings with his Creator provided him with peace and safety and let to joy fully with happiness of his existence. As result of transgression of our first parents, these all attributes began rapidly to degenerate. Not to this degree however they declined so that the man wouldn't felt the bitterly in his unfortunate situation. The breakthrough in such human misery took place then, when the due time came and God permitted not farther reign of blatant injustice caused with human selfishness. From then on, a noble individuals stirred themselves to desperate attempt of establishing on the earth of the system of equality and justice. They were followed by others enthusiasts, until the gigantic revolutionary communist movement of social equalization came into being. Unfortunately, without God. The chapter sixth of Revelation shows the realization of this attempt as consecutive gallop of four riders, mounting horses of various coats, white, ...more

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