The seven angels are pouring out their bowls

The seven angels' vision from chapter 16 began to fulfill in 1977. In that year the powers of Kremlin initiated the extraordinary celebrations of the sixtieth anniversary of the October Revolution and they issued the full of pathos the peaceful appeals to the world. That move of the socialist power riveted an attention of world opinion. These appeals have been supported by religions of the world and United Nations. In such a way the prince of this world, Satan executed the unusual thing: he had managed, in attempt of saving his empire from the spectre of anarchy, to connect in peaceable co-operation the world of atheism and the world of the religion.

Thus, in accord to biblical prophecy, came into being an union of symbolic beast (the papacy), dragon (the socialist powers) and image of the beast or false prophet (the federation of Protestant churches), which from then on began its intensive propaganda of the "peace and safety." (Rev. 16:13)

The co-operation of that union lasted for three years and a half, from autumn 1977 to spring 1981. (Rev. 13:5.) Simultaneously to this peaceful propaganda there has developed in Poland the prophetic movement of the so-called "two witnesses" (Rev. 10:11; 11:3). It began at the end of the High Calling (1977) and it also lasted for three years and a half (1260 days). The Old and New Testaments are these two witnesses. The prophecies of these Testaments, being focused on events of final times, they were used by the last members of the true Church (then yet being unchanged) with the aim to announce God's judgments upon today's Babylon, or the secular and religious powers of Christianity. Scripture speaks - two witnesses had the power to strike the earth with every kind of plague. (Rev. 11:6.) Prophesying of two witnesses was presented in the developed form in chapter 16 as pouring out by the seven angels their bowls of God's wrath on the earth.


(1) And I heard a great voice out of the temple, saying to the seven angels, Go ye, and pour out the seven bowls of the wrath of God into the earth.

Out of the temple … The Temple is the Church: "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God." (1 Cor. 3:16) HG83:3

To the seven angels … The living saints, they being the representatives or active agents of the entire anointed company. R498:1

"The Little Flock" at the beginning of the particular harvest in year 1977.

✽ ✽ ✽

Last mission of the Church (1977-1981) being showed in the Scripture:

"It behooves thee again to prophesy to peoples and nations and tongues and kings many." (Rev. 10:11)

"Let the saints exult in glory: Let them sing for joy upon their beds. [Let] the high praises of God [be] in their mouth, And a two-edged sword in their hand [the truth in due season]; To execute vengeance upon the nations, And punishments upon the peoples; To bind their kings with chains, And their nobles with fetters of iron; To execute upon them the judgment written: This honor have all his saints. Praise ye Jehovah!" (Psa. 149:5-9)

"And they two stood by the Jordan. And Elijah took his mantle, and wrapped it together, and smote the waters, and they were divided hither and thither, so that they two went over on dry ground." (2 Kings 2:7,8)

The seven bowls of the wrath … The content of the seven volumes of the Studies in the Scriptures.

[Question] Q627:2 (1916) "Are the vials of wrath of Rev. 16 now being poured out?"

[Answer] "About the vials of wrath: I have not yet read the seventh volume of Studies in the Scriptures, and therefore have nothing to say about that."

"And when even was come, the lord of the vineyard saith unto his steward, Call the laborers, and pay them their hire, beginning from the last unto the first.." (Matt. 20:8)

Seven angels with seven plagues
vs Seven angels with seven trumpets

When the seventh seal was opened by the Lamb (1967) then was understood a meaning of symbolic vision of the seven angels with seven trumpets (Rev. 8:2). It turned out that the blowing the trumpet angels shows Bolsheviks activity in that part of the Christianity which belongs to the Orthodox Church ("third part"). Our Lord, leading the mankind to the freedom, had supported their revolutionary actions, so this activity, initially developing illegally, it was growing rapidly as much as she caused overthrow of the Czar power. Propaganda was the main armament of Bolsheviks. With help of it they incited in the Russian society the disgust to czar's system, a discontent, revolt and anarchy. They were destroying organization of czar's empire, of its symbolic "earth," "sea," "rivers," etc., so long, until they brought it to the fall. Then, on the rubbles of the empire they began to build their "new world."

Bolsheviks did not know obviously that it was not Lenin their commander-in-chief, but the Lord Jesus Christ during his second presence. The Lord has used them only as the "detonator" to exciting the rebellion in the whole of Satan empire.

There is some similarity between overthrow of tsarism (in small scale) and overthrow of the present order of things (in large scale). Bolsheviks planned the throwing the "mountain" of the tsarism in the sea (Rev. 8:8), the Lord meanwhile will overturn the mountain of the devilish reign over the whole world soon. (Matt. 4:8; Zech. 4:7; Psa. 46:3.) The strategy of our Lord is similar, but has the global range. The Lord, with his secret activity resembling a sneaking of thief (Rev. 16:15), has been arousing in the people minds the consciousness and the feeling of human dignity. This in turn, causes the discontent, the revolt and leads to anarchy. The Lord does not apply in this Bolsheviks methods, to propagate atheism, to encourage to retaliation, violence, and to using of often lying promises. He is the noble Propagator of the truth and the enlightenment in every thing. This however is lethal weapon against the kingdom of the darkness which Satan established on the lie. It makes revolution in people's previous mentality and thereby violate the equilibrium of the environment in which his serfs live. Uncovering wicked and false matters results in the "contamination" of the symbolic earth and sea, it "poisons rivers" and "air," it destroys the reputation of the powers, which tried to maintain such unjust order of the world. Those transformations are forejudging about ruin of kingdom of the prince of this world.

Jesus Christ executes such revolutionary activity in Satan empire since the beginning of his presence (1874), but destructive influence of that activity is growing violently since the time of epipfaneia (1980/81). Our Lord made his followers to be prophets for Christianity with the aim to explain his workings before the world. Their role (1977-1981) was presented as mission of the seven angels pouring out bowls on the earth.

(2) And the first went, and poured out his bowl into the earth; and it became a noisome and grievous sore upon the men that had the mark of the beast, and that worshipped his image.

The first … upon the earth … All people under religious restraint of whatever name or order. Land or earth as a symbol represents settled, organized religious society. R498:3.

Sore upon the men … The Church of Christ is symbolic salt on the earth. (Matt. 5:13.) Since the end of the High Calling (1977) the salt was dwindling, because there was there less and less of alive members of Church. God subtracted factors, which hold back the decay, what brought about the lack of ideals and great escalation of corruption in all fields of the life. The discontent from conditions existing in societies of the "earth" causes increasing claims to the powers, which are not able to cope with problems that are besetting the people more and more. The anarchistic mood, whose powers tried to avoid at all costs, grows more and more. The humiliating concessions of these powers to the Roman Catholic Church (the beast) and the Protestant Churches (the image of the beast), in the hope of appeasing of society, have proved futile. The medicines of superficial reforms, peaceful slogans and religious morality disappointed. The results of many ages of deception and injustice brought about in the social organism the fatal disease, and now various symptoms push through to the surface and eat up its tissues like disgusting "ulcers."

(3) And the second poured out his bowl into the sea; and it became blood as of a dead man; and every living soul died, [even] the things that were in the sea.

The second angel … upon the sea … Symbolizing the irreligious masses of mankind – those not under religious restraint. R498:5.

It became blood as of a dead man … After death, the blood rapidly begins to separate into two parts - a watery liquid called serum and a more solid substance termed clot. Immediately the clot begins to putrefy and corrupt. This is pictorial illustration of gradual decay of every idealism in human masses being critically disposed toward the governments.

Every living soul died in the sea … Communist propaganda instilled in a mentality of the radical elements of czar's Russia (sea) a bloody spirit of retaliation. This process was showed in the vision of blowing the trumpet second Angel (Rev. 8:8). In such a view the symbolic "sea," being driven by the spirit of retaliatory justice, was for some time lively. In it were "souls" of certain idealism that believed sincerely that this endeavor to bring the justice and the social equalization, even at cost of shedding of blood, it will repair the matters of the world.

After Second World War, the revolutionary propaganda crossed boundary of USSR and its influence began to woke up radical social classes (sea) also in the entire world. However, after the years of experiences, enthusiasm for this propaganda began universally to die away. This utopian ideology, splendid in foundations, when being brought into practice, it brought a total disappointment. Idealism lost, human selfishness defeated it. The noble individuals, "souls" in the "sea," have dropped hands helplessly. When the ideological influence of these individuals stopped, masses threw aside all principles, and were prone from then to act with exclusively blind thirst of the vengeance. They becomes more and more as the dangerous sea element, "whose waters cast up mire and dirt," which arouses the fright of all nations and threatens to the order of the whole world. (Isa. 57:20, 21; Luke. 21:25)

(4) And the third poured out his bowl into the rivers and the fountains of the waters; and it became blood. (5) And I heard the angel of the waters saying, Righteous art thou, who art and who wast, thou Holy One, because thou didst thus judge: (6) for they poured out the blood of the saints and the prophets, and blood hast thou given them to drink: they are worthy. (7) And I heard the altar saying, Yea, O Lord God, the Almighty, true and righteous are thy judgments.

The third … upon the rivers … and fountains of waters … Channels through which water (truth) has flowed, the various sects or denominations. R499:1

Fountains of waters … Symbolizing the founders and schools of the various systems – the place or men in whom these channels had their start or beginning. R499:1

They became blood ... A river of blood could only symbolize loathsomeness and death. R499:1

Christian rulers needed "rivers" in their kingdoms, in which their religious serfs could to quench a thirst and find freshness. Although the earthly sources of the rivers of Christianity provided to them symbolic water of the Scripture, but these waters were so prepared and confused with human inventions that they in fact only were strengthening the devilish order in the world. They inculcated in minds the conviction, that the division into rich and poor it is the Divine order, that kings and bishops are appointed by God, etc. The people were devoid of access to the Bible and they naively trusted these theories. Such a feeling of internal agreement with these theories and of obedience to their rulers has refreshed them continually.

The rivers of that kind were quenching all the time the thirst of Czar's subjects also, but all began to change there when Bolsheviks began their propaganda. Symbols of blowing the third trumpet describe this (Rev. 8:10,11). The Czar was unmasked as blood sucker and suddenly, and, on the eyes of his admirers looking on his a majesty with devotion so far, he collapsed like a star falling down on the rivers and sources of waters. It became immediately bitterly there for everyone – bitterly for the Czar (wormwood) and bitterly for the people, because they could not to drink the bitter waters any longer.


Similarly, from the beginning of the second presence of our Lord the revealing light of truth began to penetrate the rivers of human theories in whole Christianity, displaying their groundlessness, falseness and mendacity. This resulted in the general loss of faith in the God's Word (erroneously grasped) and the confidence to religious teachers. The waters of the "rivers" have become disgusting as the blood – they have ceased to be suitable to the drinking.

(8) And the fourth poured out his bowl upon the sun; and it was given unto it to scorch men with fire.

The fourth ... upon the sun ... As the moon symbolized "the Law," so the sun symbolized the Gospel light. The former was but a shadow or reflection of the latter. R499:4

Truth on every subject: truth relative to the rights and authority of kings; truth relative to the rights both of capital and labor; truth relative to the claimed superiority of the clergy. R499:5

"The light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days, in the day that the Lord bindeth up the breach of his people." (Isa. 30:26) R499:6

To scorch men with fire ... Scorch or troubled by the increase of light, and none more so than religious lords. R499:5

Jesus Christ, at the beginning of his mission, while quoting the prophet Isaiah, He skipped the mention about the Day of Wrath, because it was not due time for it (look commentary to Luke. 4:19). Near the end of the age, the good message has become to a large extent the Gospel of the Great Time of Trouble, because trouble has to come, so that it paved the way for the kingdom Christ. All the time the teachers of the nominal Christianity with a light heart advocated theories about extermination or eternal torments for majority of mankind and considered teachings about the work of Restitution as the great absurdity (restoration of Nineveh; Matt. 12:41). They themselves felt absolutely safely. Therefore the increasing rapidly troubles are for them now a painful surprise.

One thing is sure, and that is that Jonah does not in his murmuring represent the Christ. May be the murmuring experiences are only practical lessons, or, may it be that Jonah in this represents a class that poses as God's mouthpieces, but who do not like this "Millennial nonsense" of having Nineveh spared? If so, would the "gourd" which pleased, and which shielded Jonah, be suggestive of the "Confederacy," the "Image of the Beast," which will grow up very suddenly and shield the gray heads of the D.D.'s for a short while from the scorching rays of the sun of truth? R3568:5

(9) And men were scorched men with great heat: and they blasphemed the name of God who hath the power over these plagues; and they repented not to give him glory.

Blasphemed ... Not profane swearing, but rather a misstatement of character. For instance, Jesus was accused of "blasphemy" because he said he was the Son of God. (John 10:33) R499:6

They repented not ... Reformed not. R499:4

(10) And the fifth poured out his bowl upon the throne of the beast; and his kingdom was darkened; and they gnawed their tongues for pain,

The fifth ... upon the seat of the beast ... Picturing the trouble coming upon Papacy; not so much upon the masses of Romanists, as upon those in authority, its rulers – the throne power – their clergy. R509:3

With the aim of gaining control over the minds of the people in the time of general enlightenment and growing continually criticism, the papacy had to use today entire devilish wisdom being perfected for centuries. The using for it of mediaeval anathemas and the tools of tortures were not possible already. Satan has changed himself in the angel of the light, whereas papacy, main tool of him, has posed before the world as the servant of the justice. However that extraordinary success of the papal lie, when impossible thing happened possible and ignorance seemed to be a light, it lasted very short time. True light of epiphaneia of the Lord presence in more and more quick way unmasks teaching and the ceremonies of the papacy, displaying them as the source of every reactionary thought, ignorance and superstition. Because of this, representatives of the church, in their special dance on the tightrope, are less and less the certain oneself and their future. In their statements they show now an unusual caution because many of their words is taking an unexpected and unfortunate turn.

Darkness ... Representing the perplexity rapidly coming over the hierarchy of the Church of Rome. R939:4

Uncertainty – absence of former unity and harmony. R509:3

Gnawed their tongues ... Chewed their words. R2631:4

The tongues of Papacy are its decrees and utterances, past and future. To bite, then, in pain, implies contradiction and denial of former utterances. R509:3

Representing the painful controversies and contradictions one of another by those who act as Papacy's tongues. R939:4

For pain ... The biting is occasioned by the pain and humbled condition in which Papacy finds herself. She has lost all temporal power. R509:6

(11) and they blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores; and they repented not of their works.

And blasphemed ... Continued to slander, misrepresent. R2631:4
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