How the prophecies of the 1974 year have been fulfilled? – today's comment

The chapter ten of the Revelation describes the special mission, which John received to the realization. He was the passive observer of successive visions so far. Now, he saw an Angel who placed his right foot on the sea and the left foot on the land, and who held in his hand a little scroll (small book). He handed this book over to John, told him to eat it, and commanded: "Once again you must utter prophecies..." (10:11).
In the third volume Study in the Scriptures there is commentary to the parable of the Ten Virgins. The parable was explained as follows: The first movement of the virgins, who went out to meet bridegroom corresponds to one which began with the "Miller movement" (1829-1844). This movement ended in 1844 with the bitter disappointment. In result of this "all [virgins] slumbered and slept." This deep slumbering, which have been caused by the lack of the understanding of the time, has interrupted the cry at the midnight announcing the second presence of our Lord (1874). All virgins woke up, and wise virgins out of them went out to meet bridegroom once again, having hope, that this time surely they would have got in through a door to the "wedding-room" (1914). Alas! The Bridegroom did not arrive to take them this time also. The second movement also ended with the disappointment.

Therefore this explanation of the parable turned out to be preliminary, nevertheless it brought about the great mobilization of God's people and brought many spiritual advantages.

The Bible Students at USA associated the second movement of wise virgins mentioned above with the mission of the prophesying once again, which the Angel ordered John to execute. (look commentary to Rev. 10:11 in "Harvest Gleaning" 79:2)

It has been clear, after breaking of the seventh seal discovered the rest of the secrets of the book of Revelation, that there at USA were then simply no conditions to the prophesying, about which the tenth chapter speaks. Why?

Firstly. The world was not torn then yet on two hostile camps, which the vision has pictured as the land and sea.

Secondly. The papal ten-horn beast was at the symbolic abyss then (Rev. 11:7), that is the political nonentity. Politicians gave up temporarily of medieval mixing of earthly church systems and secular power. According to Jasper Ridley, at the 1867 Congress of Peace in Geneva, Garibaldi referred to "that pestilential institution which is called the Papacy" and proposed giving "the final blow to the monster". Ultimately the Papal States collapsed and were annexed to the Kingdom of Italy (1870). The humilitated pope Pius IX took offence at entire world and declared himself a prisoner in the Vatican. During the half-century the papacy did not interfere to the world politics. According to Rev. 11:7 however "the two witnesses" are facing ten-horn beast which "comes out from the abyss".

Thirdly. The John class received the "small book" near the end of the second "woe" or symbolic earth-quake of the Elijah's vision.

"Bible Chronology” (published in April, 1974). Part III – Bible Numerology

Matt. 25:1-10
The parable of the ten virgins had already her preliminary fulfillment in the dawn of the Lord's presence. This dawn is showed in Gen. 19:15: "And when the morning arose, then the angels hastened Lot, saying, arise, take thy wife, and thy two daughters that are here, lest thou be consumed in the iniquity of the city."

You should notice that there were two Angels, which persuaded Lot about the need of abandonment of the city destined on extermination. Calling out the God's people already had its place since 1876, in the early dawn (aurora) of presence of our Lord, when the brother Russell understood object and manner, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, also time of return of the Lord (1874). When had occurred the disappointment of the Adventist Movement, then the diligent scrutiny on the topic of return of our Lord has begun. One group studied object and the manner of our Lord's return, and another group studied this subject in view of the "times and seasons." Consequently the themes enumerated above have been combined in year 1876. This fact filled up with the enthusiasm both brother Russell and cluster of the students of God's Word. The persuasion of the two Angels influenced on Lot so strongly, that he came out from Sodom. Similarly the doctrines mentioned above had the great impact on the brothers living at that time. The powerful voice sounded: "Come out of her [Babylon], my people!" (Rev. 18:4).

In composition made on the basis of words, which expressed the Angels during the appearing of an aurora, we already got the confirmation of the year 1876, what shows that the course of our considerations goes after the proper track (look Lesson 36).

"When they [two Angels] had brought them forth abroad, that he [one of Angels] said: Escape for thy life; look not behind thee, neither stay thou in all the Plain; escape to the mountain, lest thou be consumed!" (Gen. 19:17).

This second warning was given after coming out. The Angel ordered them to go away for the longer distance from the city, which has been menaced with God's judgment. Only one of the Angels expressed this second warning, what means, that God's people does not need new instructions regarding object and the manner of the Lord presence. Complete instruction relating to those topics, they received in the comprehensive way in the past. Remaining supplements concern the biblical chronology of the time of the end, and are the farther alarming warning before the approaching big danger which threatens to the whole world (Luke. 17:26-30).

Lesson 82

Following composition relates to the second warning, given Lot by one of the Angels:


The warning of second from the Angels, points out the farther phase of the presence of our Lord (Epiphaneia and Apokalupsis) – pictured also by the appearance of the "sun" (Gen. 19:23-35; Matt. 13:43) – and relates to the time of the great tribulation. About this phase of the presence of the Lord says the apostle Paul in 1 Cor. 11:26.

So as there were two warnings of the Angels, similarly there are two also fulfilments of the parable of the ten virgins. First relates to the "dawn," second – to appearance of the "sun" (epiphaneia of the presence of the Lord).

In God's Plan the most clearly appeared the need of the second alarm, because first movement ended with the "sleeping," similarly how in Adventist movement. In the 1844 year the Adventist Movement suffered great disappointment. Members of the movement to this degree were discouraged to the biblical chronology, that they renounced of William Miller, which marked 1844 year, as the date, in which the Church will be taken to the heaven. They announced that that Miller had been never Adventist, but Baptist.

Our brothers, similarly as Adventist, also expected the uniting with the Lord, so much that in relationship with end of the "Times of Gentiles" (1914). Their expectations also failed. Close co-workers of brother Russell, clever brothers, they put out future dates, which did not also come true, filling with bitterness all waiting brothers.

Publisher of the "Present Truth," Paul S.L. Johnson marked the date of his death – October of 1956, that is 40 years after brother Russell's death, but he died in 1950. The year 1954, as the date of the end of the Epiphany, in which the "Man of Sin" had to be destroyed (2 Thess. 2:8), also failed.

So the history again repeated itself, as with Adventist. Brothers, who believed that the High Calling is still continued, though not engaged in the "Epiphany" movement, seeing the failure of chronological calculations (particularly this last – the date 1954 – which Zaborowski also propagated) promptly in the next year, on the General Convention, they adopted resolution to forget for ever about future dates, and to propagate only the Gospel.

Here is its content: "If some speaker ever would be go to speak about farther dates, about farther philosophical calculations, then it is better to replace him the different speaker, who would be say about one only date – faithfulness to the death, who would be encourage all the Christ followers to faithfulness, that everyone would be prepared to end his pilgrimage at every moment, that he would dare not put aside this on the later time, till this or other year, how one of 'seduced brothers' already made this, when he marked the year 1954 as the end of his life, but he that year did not wait. Let the Lord forgive him his erring. We should once decide not to propagate any dates, once for ever to forget about dates, and preach only this to which God's Word us authorizes." The Polish periodical "Straż" 1955/157

Well now, there are the evident contradiction between the resolution of this kind and the method of the work, which was led by the brother Russell, which propagated the date 1914 throughout near forty years; so it was well known, that this date belongs to the future. There are contradiction also between this decision and the teaching of the second volume, "The Time is at Hand," first lecture: "Special Times and Seasons Divinely Appointed."

The sleep comes in the consequence of the weariness. Similarly the sleep in the field of the chronology overcame all the Virgins tired with the long expectation. It has became in the year 1954. Our Lord foresaw the situation of this kind and demostrated it in his parable.

Lesson 83


The "cry at midnight" sounded in year 1967, that is, in the half of years, since the year 1954 (sleep) till the year 1980 (when "Issac" will be united with "Rebecca").


Lesson 84

"Beloved, now are we children of God, and it is not yet made manifest [ephanerwthee] what we shall be. We know that, if he shall be manifested [ephanerwthee], we shall be like him; for we shall see him even as he is" (1 John 3:2).

"When Christ, our life, shall be manifested [ephanerwthee], then shall ye also with him be manifested [phanerwtheesesthe] in glory" (Col. 3:4).

The Greek word, ephanerwthee (shall be manifested) in the adverbial form is written, phaneros (manifestly).


Lesson 85


Lesson 86

In our considerations we will take heed of the following things:

1. The parable about the ten virgins expressed the Lord on several days before His death (Matt. 26:1, 2); this was in the spring 33 A.D. (32,25).

2. From the year 33 counted as first at our considerations till the year 1967, when has sounded cry at midnight, elapsed 1935 years (32 + 1935 = 1967).

3. In the same way of the calculation we can find, that the activity of the Lord, as the Bridegroom, will happen after 1948 years, that is in the year 1980 (32 + 1948 = 1980).


Lesson 87


In the composition, above mentioned, was applied the scale. Summarizing ten commandments in two, our Lord gave the example of the use of the scale, that is in the proportion 5:1.

Lesson 88

Coming back to the considered subject from the book of the Revelation 10:3, we can notice that the Lord spoke mightily as the Lion at a time with the "fight between David and Goliath," which this event coincided with the "cry at midnight." Indeed, it was very powerful voice – the whole world heard him (Look Diagram No. 9).


Lesson 89

"Fight between David and Goliath" took place during the opening of the "Seventh Seal."


(The numerical value of the text Amos 3:7, 8 equals numerical values of three verses being over him, what means that their content fulfils at the same time.)

Lesson 90

When the Lord gave a great shout like the roar of a lion, the mystery of Sarah death has became comprehensible then. Sarah death represents the end of High Calling and in the parallel it points out to the year 1977. (Look Diagram No. 10)


Lesson 91


When the Lord cried out as a lion roar, through the opening of the "Seventh Seal," simultaneously to the "fight between David and Goliath," all over the world reverberated a thunders (controversies). But John did not have to write what told seven thunders.
The Angel's solemn assurance about God's mystery, which will have been finished at the time appointed through God, and there would be no delay (verses 5-7), it relates to the fulfillment of matters, which to a time will be hidden before the world.

Here is this mystery: (1) The Divine Plan,      (2) The choice of the Church.
"And when they shall have finished their testimony..."
Rev. 11:7

Two witnesses (verse 3), two olive trees (verse 4) and their special testifying near the end of the Gospel Age, they are pictured with the activity of the man dressed in linen. He had the writer's inkhorn and he put a marks on the foreheads of these which cried over all the iniquities of Israel (Ezech. 9).

The words of the man with the writer's inkhorn, which are ending this chapter, they sound:

Numerical value of these words, "1877" shows the year, in which brother Russell gave the testimony to the various churches of Allegheny and Pittsburgh and in which he has decided to abandon secular work, and has devoted the time and property to the work of the announcing of the truth (See Vol. VII, pages 55, 417).
The work of the giving of the testimony did not end when he died, but it still lasted, and it will last till 1980. It is confirmed with the ninth chapter of the Ezekiel prophecy.
This whole chapter, in Hebrew Bible, contains 198 words and shows the date of the year 1980 in the scale 1:10:
198  x  10  =  1980
Lesson 92
"Two witnesses," similarly as our Lord, they had to die (Rev. 11:8) and as He, they had to enter heaven (verse 12).

Lesson 93
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